How Do You All Feel About Loot Boxes Being In Elder Scrolls Online In General?

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-06-23 09:16:21
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In the game, whenever we upgrade we have loot. Some of these loot are treasures and some are eso gold coins. We can sell these treasures or keep them.


We've seasons with these loot boxes, which will include season specific loot just to entice us to get them. Now, I don?ˉt truly get crowns outdoors of what my sub provides me but I am truly curious on how much persons spend on loot boxes within the game. I?ˉm guessing they possibly make more funds off in-game purchases than subs. I?ˉm hoping it?ˉs not but I need to actually just face the details on that one particular.

What do you think they could have done differently? Do you feel like loot boxes should be handled differently in this game? I mean, again I feel like they shouldn’t be in the game and if you really want to buy more crowns, they really should offer high-quality costumes or even some really awesome mounts. Have you ever bought a loot box? If so, why? If you haven’t, why as well? I know a lot of people are torn on this subject but people will continue to buy them with the chance of getting something amazing, just like in real life. You take a risk in gambling, you can either gain a ton or lose more. I was always told, “The House always wins”. Does Zenimax win in this case? Do they have a situation where they lose? I’m not really sure they do.

Even though that was a longer rant than what I really wanted it to be, that is the only real complaint I have right now. Summerset is still giving me a ton of enjoyment and I still have a lot more to do, like I said I am taking my time with this go-around and I am really enthralled with all the storylines going on. It’s another reason I continue to sub to the game, the storylines. It makes you read and listen to what’s going on, not just spam the next button till they eventually shut their yaps. If you do that, I implore you to really take a listen to the storytelling going on, trust me you won’t regret slowing down and listening to the world around you.


Overall, I feel like everyone is pretty satisfied with Summerset. Despite the Steam issues happening right now, it’s all going pretty swell in the realm of Elder Scrolls Online. I think it’s been pretty well documented that I have been content with how Elder Scrolls Online has treated me over the years. I have been subbed to the game since launch and even though I wish I got more out of my sub, I still find the crowns I get monthly kind of useless because I don’t spend much time in the Crown Store. Although, I did buy the flame puppy and it is the cutest thing ever, so if they release more things like that in the store, maybe my crowns will get some use. I spent most of my points buying loot boxes for curiosity sake.