How Do You Guys Play Your Healer Builds in Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-05-09 03:59:32
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I recently switched from running as DPS to healer and I absolutely love the role. Keeping everyone alive with zero appreciation is great! I was just wondering what everyone else does besides spam mutagen and combat prayer? I'm trying to learn the role so i can start vet content with confidence.



Alcas Templar Healer build basically has it all


  • Alcast is a well respected member of the ESO community. He has a youtube channel you can find by searching for 'Alcast' and a website with all of his builds. The build referred to above can be found here.


Spam Mutagen/Prayer

  • Mutagen is a restoration staff active skill morphed from Regeneration.
  • Combat Prayer is a restoration staff skill morphed from Blessing of Protection.


Springs stack when heavy dos is coming

  • "Springs" refers to the Healing Springs skill, morphed from Grand Healing in the restoration staff skill line.
  • DPS* means Damage Per Second and refers incoming damage in this context.


BoL in an oh shit moment

  • BoL refers to the skill Breath of Life, which is a morph of Rushed Ceremony in the Restoring Light skill tree for the Templar class.


Channeled focus, shards, ritual, and a couple flex

  • Channeled Focus is a morph of Rune Focus under the Restoring Light skill tree for the Templar class.
  • "Shards" refers to Luminous Shards which is a morph of Spear Shards under the Aedric Spear skill line for the Templar class.
  • "Ritual" refers to Extended Ritual which is a morph of Cleansing Ritual from the Restoring Light skill tree for the Templar class.
  • "A couple flex" refers to using skills on your bar based on your preferences or the task at hand. The abilities you might choose to go with based on these are called "flex" abilities or "flex spots".


Aggressive horn. Makes the role trivial in normal dungeons

  • Aggressive Horn is a morph of the War Horn ultimate from the Assault PvP skill tree.


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