How the Guide Pride work in The ElderScrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-07-26 03:31:09
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Guild Pride was something that felt like it was missing from Elder Scrolls Online. With the ability of being able to join multiple guilds players don’t feel a need isolate themselves to one guild, in fact being in one single guild will actually affect your ability to buy and sell wares in ESO. However, Zenimax is now introducing a feature that I have been long awaiting for, Guild Crests. The ability to stand above the bodies of your enemy with your guild tabard blowing in a breeze of pure victory.



So, let’s take a look at what exactly we are being offered. First, your guild needs to have a minimum of 10 players in order to unlock the Guild Heraldry. Once you’ve recruited enough players to your guild you’ll be presented with a new icon in your guild window. This is where all the magic will happen. Everything is broken into categories, the style of tabard you want, the two colours you’d like (Primary (main colour), Secondary (trim colour)), then you have the style of crest you want to display, as well as what colour you’d like it to be.The colours you can choose from are the same colours that are in the Dye system


Once you’ve created the Tabard of your choice, you then need to ensure you have deposited 5,000 gold into your guild bank as this where the funds for the tabard will come from (oh yeah, you can now deposit gold into the bank, YAY!!).

There are two major questions that you’re going to see asked in /zone when 1.3.0 launches, “How do I buy a guild tabard?” and “How do I change which guild I want to represent?”. You can buy a guild tabard from your guild store, don’t worry if you don’t have 50 players. You need to go to the bank and speak to the person there, you’ll see an option for Guild Store (yes, even with less than 50 people you’ll see it). You can then purchase the tabard there for 2,000 gold from The Gold Coast Trading Company. If you’re in multiple guilds you’ll have to purchase each tabard from each of the guild stores. So you may at one point end up with 5 different tabards in your inventory taking up much needed space. Not a big fan of this option as I find bag space to be a much needed commodity in ESO.

The tabard does require to go into the costume slot, which is a bad thing as well. You’ll be unable to wear both a costume and tabard at the same time. This makes me a bit upset as I’d really like to wear the Skeleton costume with my guild tabard. Hopefully in a future patch we can have a specific tabard slot.