How to build a good tank in The ElderScrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-10-12 13:07:34
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As a tank, your main task is to drag the attention, of the enemies, away from the rest of the party and, to do that, you need to have as large a pool of health as possible and average amounts of stamina, and magicka. Also, you should have the highest possible value of your armor and resistance to magic, thanks to which you will bring damage to a minimum. Wear heavy armor only.

Apart from choosing the appropriate abilities, you should also distribute your points properly and ensure a good selection of weapons:
1).Most of the points, distribute into Health - 10 points into both Magicka and Stamina should do, put all the remaining points into health. You will receive Magicka and Stamina from items.

2).Wear heavy armor only - it offers the highest bonus to armor and also harmonizes perfectly with the passive abilities, presented in this chapter. Even if your armor exceeds the threshold (it is then highlighted in orange, the so called Overcharge), you are going to need each and every points, because your role is to get the whipping for the whole party.

3).Enchant the armor in a way that allows you to make up for the missing statistics - enchant some of the armor elements with Magicka and Stamina, because you have already invested the points in health. If you fell that the rest of the resources are sufficient, and you can put some of the points into the resistance of some of the elements of the armor, do that - you can never have too much health. when it comes to jewelry, again, enchant it to make it suit your needs - if you are low on stamina/magicka/health regeneration, add these statistics to the jewelry. You can also invest in decreasing the cost of abilities )depending on the type of ability - "Reduce Stamina / Magicka cost of abilities").

4).Use the swords and the shield in combat, only - a lot of the abilities that you are using are based on them. Apart from that, you will also have more armor and you are going to find it easier to block attacks) which is your main role). Put the sword and the armor into both of the weapons slots.

5).While crafting armor (or buying it), try to obtain useful traits, like (in the case of armor) Impenetrable (resistance to critical hits) or Reinforced (increased armor value on the item). As for the weapon, an useful trait is Precise (increases the chance of scoring a critical hit), Defending (increases the overall resistance and resistance to magic, by a percent value), or Sharpened (increases the armor piercing and resistance to magic).