How To Buy A Home In The Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-08-14 14:57:18
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In The Elder Scrolls Online you can do many things in an open world and environment full of missions, dangers and other characters that look the same as you: have fun in the best way to feel part of the ecosystem of the game. However in the early days of The Elder Scrolls Online it was not yet possible to have our own virtual home in which to leave our character to make the life he deserved, but everything changed later with the arrival of the Homestead update.



The great thing about the Homestead expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online is that it's totally free, so any user who wants to have a home in the game could make it happen.


If you want to buy a house in The Elder Scrolls Online you have several procedures: the free and two payment.


Below we will talk about how to buy a house in The Elder Scrolls Online, both completely free of charge and having to loosen the pocket, both virtual and real.



Get A Free Home At The Elder Scrolls Online


To get a free home in The Elder Scrolls Online you are simply going to have to complete the tutorial called "A Friend in Need", which is a way to show you how the theme of buying houses to hook you up and thus push you to spend more on large houses.


In fact what you really get to overcome this mission is a room in an inn, although to be free is at least a place that we can decorate and leave our character.


The mission "A Friend in Need" has no mystery, and is about finding a person to get us writing the room.


According to the smoothing that we will have the seller of our house in the following locations:


• Aldmeri Dominion in the Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury

• Daggerfall Covenant in the Bank of Daggerfall

• Ebonheart Pact on the Uveran Bank


Once you finish the mission you will receive the script for one of the following inn rooms:


• At the Daggerfall Inn

• In the Public House of Ebonheart Inn

• Vulkhel Guard Inn


But if what you want to have is a real house, you can also buy them under these two modalities.



Buy Houses In The Crown Store


You can buy them from here both empty and furniture. Once in this section you can buy houses of three sizes: small, medium and large. Of course, before spending your crowns you can visit them and see them beforehand.


Buy Houses With Gold


You will need to pass before the tutorial mission that we mentioned before. Once you get it you can buy houses using gold. As with the other mode, you can also preview them, and you can buy all available in the game with the exception of Crown Store exclusives.


These are all ways to buy a house in The Elder Scrolls Online, either for free or having to fork out different currencies.