How to Capture Cyrodiil Town with Cheap ESO Gold

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-08-09 16:13:37
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Have you captured a town in Cyrodiil yet? Read below for Cyrodiil Town Capture guide to learn how, and buy eso gold cheap on eso-gold to team up with your alliance!


More information about Cyrodiil Town in Alliance War

Cyrodiil is not only a huge province where all actions of Alliance War take place, but also the only area where you can fight against others in Elder Scrolls Online. This is because all PvP fights are not allowed in other zones and Cyrodiil is the only dedicated territory for this. And the primary goal of the Cyrodiil town capture system being designed is to encourage more skirmishes and open field-style combat. Besides, Cyrodiil has been added a new style of PVP, which didn’t involve destructible walls or towers. The ability to capture these locations and lay claim to them adds more strategic significance to the towns in the region.

Guide to Capture Cyrodiil Town with eso gold cheap

Beginning with Update 11, you are able to team up with your alliance and capture specific towns in Cyrodiil. If you are lack of eso gold, here is your chance to buy eso gold cheap and enjoy 9% discount with code “BESTDAY”.
1. Try to team up more friends in case that you're battling for ownership of a town defended by enemy alliance forces.
2. Three towns in Cyrodiil that you can capture: Bruma, Cropsford, and Vlastarus. Remember each town only features specific sets. So choose the suitable town before you focus your aim.
3. Defeat the alliance guards and capture all three flags.
4. Claim the town for your alliance and respawn there.

Now, buy eso gold fast here, rally your allies, head for the towns of Cyrodiil, and stake your claim. To the victors go the spoils!