How to crafting with wealthy in The ElderScrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-06-01 15:50:26
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The Elder Scrolls Online, like many MMORPGs, has a very strong player driven economy governed by in-game supply and demand, and also the needs of players within a certain level range. Before the game was released it was mostly speculated that the more weapon-inclined professions such as weaponsmith and armorsmith would be most lucrative, as would be the case in most MMORPGs. However, the developers have done a great job at balancing out the professions to give them all an advantage in the in-game economy. The trick is to know which items to sell to which level range as the player’s needs change with each level range.



There are six professions to choose from, and these are weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, enchanting, alchemy, woodworking, and provisioner. All classes in the elder scrolls online stand an equal chance of being lucrative, though some tend to lean towards larger returns during the late game. You should keep in mind that the in-game economy is completely player driven, and does have its trends and patterns which you can exploit. The most useful and lucrative during the early and mid-game periods would be the alchemy and provisioner class, as they mostly produce consumables and potions which players need based on the player’s level at their stage of the game, which is the level 1-25 mark of the player’s character progression. Any classes ability to tank damage or regeneration of any form is fairly limited, and would need potions in order to replenish their health, mana, or stamina quicker.

After the mid-game point and getting into the late game, the player’s focus turns to enhancing their weaponry and armor in order to deal maximum DPS (damage per second) for their respective class, and also gaining ability to tank a reasonable amount of damage. This is because monsters deal quite a bit of damage at this stage. Players also start engaging in PVP at this level and weapons and armors become more important. Thus the enchanting, weaponsmith, and armorsmith professions become even more lucrative at this stage, and stay relevant even as the player reaches the level cap. The prevailing logic behind this is that once the player reach the level cap they cannot improve their character any further in terms of stats and levels. Instead, the game puts the focus on the player’s weapon and armor improvement and enhancement. Players can farm for material to craft enhanced versions of existing weapons, created unique weapons, or take requests and orders from players in need of such weapons. Players can perform these tasks for a generous amount of in-game currency.