How to cure being a vampire in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-04-15 03:08:46
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Jacob (Werewolf) and Edward (Vampire),which team are you keen in ? It is great that we can take our fandom to the next level and actually become a vampire or werewolf ourselves. To be a Edward fan ,your body can be as white as the freshly fallen snow ,your eyes as red as the blood of your enemy.Maybe you have been a vampire for a long time and now u want to stop it .then how to cure?


No longer enjoying being a Vampire ? Want to try and see how the other team plays? No problem. Switching teams is as easy as sparkling in the sunlight.You’ll need to locate a Priest of Arkay, they are typically found within the Mage’s Hall of the same city you received the quest. The Priest will gladly cure you of your team for a small ESO gold fee.

These are the locations they can spawn. During your play time on PTS you were able to find these locations where they spawn. For Daggerfall Covanent the map is Bangkori, Ebonheart it is The Rift, and for Aldmeri it is Reaper’s March.