How to Dye Costumes and Hats for ESO Plus with ESO Gold

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-08-23 07:40:47
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Good news for you! The long-anticipated dye system is available to you now with eso gold cheap. You must be eager to learn about ESO Plus Dyeing and Dye Stamps. Now, ESO-GOLD offers you some tips and cheap eso gold for you to enjoy the huge amount of variations of your costumes and hats!



How to dye costumes and hats for ESO Plus with ESO gold?

1. Renew and active ESO Plus memberships, so that you can customize eOLDquipped costumes and hats at any Dye Station in the game.
2. Complete in-game Achievements with eso gold cheap to unlock the clothing dyes you like.
3. Approach any Dye Station in Tamriel, and equip the costume, hat you wish to dye.
4. Open the new Costume Dying tab and select the dyes from your palette of unlocked Achievement dye.
5. Define sets, and then you are able to copy a color, or clear an applied color to return your item to its original appearance.
6. Save the item and enjoy your customized masterpiece.

Tips to use Dye Stamps to dye costumes and hats

1. Purchase Dye Stamps in the Crown Store's “Dye" category, the names of which are prefaced with a name for that group of Dye Stamps.
2. New Dye Stamps will be added each week. You can buy and store multiple versions of them in stacks. But Dye Stamps do not include rare-quality Achievement dye colors.
3. Keep similarly-hued Dye Stamps together and update them in your inventory or bank after telling out which week the Dye Stamp was designed.
4. Apply the Dye Stamp to a single equipped costume and a single hat.

As is concern above, to create your own fashion and style of costumes and hats, cheapest buy gold eso is of great help. You will be fully supported to enjoy the brand new costume dye system and your customized masterpiece by ESO-GOLD with cheap gold eso.