How to Get More Crafting Mats in Your Inventory

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-12-29 16:12:38
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Do you want to get more crafting mats in your inventory? Or would you like to get any help with crafting from others? Would you like to improve your skills in the Elder Scrolls Online? This article will give you some tips about crafting.

Crafting is a deep system in the Elder Scrolls Online with multiple professions so that some tips about crafting are important for both the ESO beginners and the veterans. For this reason, players have given their suggestions positively.

It is very useful for players to exchange items and traits in the Elder Scrolls Online. If one of your friends is researching traits that you are missing, you can ask him to craft a low level item with that trait and trade to you for researching. On one hand, you can save more bank space. As we all know, there are 112 different combinations of equipment or traits for tailoring, but with method, you need not to collect lots of equipment for researching, and share loots with guildmates, each specializing two or three traits. On the other hand, you can get more crafting mats. Because you ask your friend to craft a Sharpened Iron Dagger with 2 iron bars and 1 trait material, you can resolve this Sharpened Steel Dagger and get a honing stone rather than losing these items for researching. But deconstructing gear is related to character level.

In addition to deconstruction, there are some warnings about crafting. Players had better not craft a full set of blue or purple gear every 2 level. At the end of the game, the blue and purple ones are the same as the ones you will use at the end of the game so that players should save the upgrade mats for later battle in the game. Besides, keep an eye on items you deconstruct, because you will spend much time and gold for researching them.

Do you have any other advices about crafting? Are these points useful for you? I hope so. Besides, players can buy the eso gold at to enjoy your journey.