How to get The Lost Ark Astray ship?

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After reaching level 50 in the Lost Ark, one of your primary activities will be doing a lot of power quests and Lost Ark Gold. You will need to unlock access to certain items, including the most powerful and efficient ships. The Astray is one of them: he is one of the fastest and most robust in the game!

How to get The Lost Ark Astray ship?

How to get The Astray in Lost Ark?
Obtaining the Astray is one of the most demanding in Lost Ark, as it will take you almost a month of Tasks of One to achieve the creation of your ship. The objective is quite simple: you must obtain certain exact items, sometimes in large quantities, to proceed with crafting the ship with Belrod in Blacktooth's Lair.

Here is the exact list of necessary components:
1x Astray Construction Blueprint
1x Astray Operation Manual
1x hacker certificate
570x Wood
375x Rare Ship Parts Material
Below we detail how to proceed to obtain each of these components, except the Wood that comes naturally from the felling of trees of all kinds. You can work to get several of these components at once, so don't waste time doing just one at a time!

How to get The Lost Ark Astray ship?

Get the Astray construction blueprint.
The Astray Blueprint is a legendary item that can be obtained as a reward from the Una task called Nothing is Lost at Sea. This takes place at regular intervals according to the Procyon Compass schedule and requires you to complete a cooperative mission with other players in the seas of Artesia.

Depending on your item level, several are available:
Cooperative Navigation: Anich (item level 302)
Cooperative Navigation: Bern (item level 302)
Cooperative Navigation: Artheline (item level 302)
Cooperative Navigation: Rohendel (item level 460)
Cooperative Navigation: Yorn (item level 802)
Cooperative Navigation: Punica (item level 1302)
You will need to complete this quest 12 times to access the ultimate reputation rewards, including the Astray Construction Plan. This Task of One can be done once a day - don't miss out!


Mission name Awards
In the sea nothing is lost Expedition XP x1080

  10 reputation points
  level rewards of reputation 1
  12,000x pirate doubloon
  level rewards of reputation 2
  19,000x pirate doubloon
  level rewards reputation 3
  29,000x pirate doubloon
  1x Astray Construction Blueprint

Get the Astray operation manual.
The Astray Operations Manual is arguably one of the most complex parts. You will need to pay no less than 300,000 Pirate Doubloons to Navigator Rosa in Blacktooth Lair when purchasing Pirate Star: Astray. Once you have made this costly acquisition, you will be able to interact with the item you just acquired to start the Pirate Star: the Astray quest of the same name.

You will need 78,100 Blacktooth Affinity experiences to complete this quest. Additionally, you will need to have 110 Courage, 110 Charisma, 100 Generosity, and 80 Wisdom to access all Amity interactions with this NPC. If you don't offer Dent-Noire the slightest gift and do all the chants and emotes available to her every day, the quest will be valid 53 days after you start your farm!

Get the Hacker Certificate
The Pirate Certificate is the easiest part of creating this ship, as it only requires you to complete one Task from One in Blacktooth's Lair in a loop. Like almost all Una Tasks, it can only be accessed once daily. You must first have completed the Blacktooth Residence quest on the same island to access it.
The task you covet is Scavenging and must be completed eight times to reach your ultimate goal: the Pirate Certificate. You'll also get a vitality potion along the way!

Mission name Awards
pest control Expedition XP x1080
  10 reputation points
  level rewards of reputation 1
  6,000x pirate doubloon
  level rewards of reputation 2
  8,000x pirate doubloon
  level rewards reputation 3
  16,000x pirate doubloon
  1x vitality potion
  1x hacker certificate

Get materials for rare ship parts.
Last but not least, the previous components needed to craft your ship are the rare ship part materials. These are relatively easy to obtain and require you to obtain Slaughtering and Excavation components which you then prepare at one of the capitals in the game.

Here are the components needed to craft the 375 rare ship part materials you covet:
Soft Wood x200
Solid wood x75
Heavy Iron Ore x200
Tough Iron Ore x75
There is no recommended specific area to farm these components outside of Nahun's Domain, accessible via Entry Ticket: Platinum Deposit.

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