How to keep your eso account safe for buying eso gold

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-03-04 00:33:40
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There is a lot of confusion surrounding buying eso gold, which is understandable considering the dangers and conflicting information in the gaming world. A lot of true stories of being ripped off and robbed of account access tends to be mixed with angry, often fictional, stories of what happens when a person buys gold.


The truth is that, taking a few precautions can keep your gold purchases, account and finances relatively safe. Gold buying and Internet security in general doesn’t have to mean interacting with dangerous hackers. By following a few steps, you can purchase without compromising your system.

Never Allow Others to Use Your Account
It may seem convenient and tempting, but a gold selling site that needs your account access to give you gold is up to something. With your login information, information can be changed in order to steal your ESO account.

While it’s possible to get your account back by reporting a hack attempt, your account may be lost forever. If you report the account soon enough there may be a chance to catch the thief before too much time goes by, but a game company has many angles to consider when it comes to security.

Are you really the original account holder? You may know the truth, but unless you personally know staff members at your favorite game’s company, there is no way for account specialists to know for sure. You could just as likely be a hacker trying to steal account information by pretending to be the owner.

Avoid all of the hassle by being smart from the beginning; never allow others to access your account information. Most reputable gold sales companies will trade face-to-face or use an auction house system to transfer funds.

Never Answer In-game Advertisements
A whisper log or in-game mail is a paper trail. If game staff has reason to suspect you or a gold selling company, having a log of chat conversations is pretty much a nail in the coffin for the account.

If you have a favorite seller, get their contact information from the gold sales website. Use an email address that you use only for game currency purposes, and preferably not your email address registered with the game.

By being careful and avoiding a few basic pitfalls, your account and computer can be a bit more safer when dealing with Elder Scrolls Online gold selling companies.