How to Make Money Fast in ElderScrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-09-13 03:21:07
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The ElderScrolls Online is the fifth release from the popular Elder Scrolls video game series. Although this is a role-playing game, it is done in the first person (rather than the more common third-person). Throughout the game, you must upgrade and fix your armor and weapons, and, to do so, you must have money. There are several ways to earn money quickly in the game.


Steal everything you can when first starting off. Because you don't have much of anything to your name, you need to steel anything you can lay your hands on. Find an unoccupied room (if you are caught, a bounty is placed on your head). Look at an item, then select it to pick it up. Once you have items, go to a local shop and sell them for money.

Increase your personality skills when you are given the level up option. The higher your personality, the more money you receive when bartering.

Search caves and other out-of-the-way areas in the wilderness. Often the best material to sell, such as gold, is in these small caves. The caves also can be dangerous, so bring a few extra health canisters.

Inspect people and creatures you have killed. Most of them have weapons and armor. These fetch high prices when you sell them.