How to Make Money in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-01-02 18:22:37
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It is important to have enough in-game currency in a game. In Elder Scrolls Online, eso gold is also vital for your playing. And we are the best place to buy eso gold. Some gamer players are eager to know how to make money. In this page, ways to make money are displayed.


ESO make gold


1. Of course selling will make you money. For selling, you need to join a trading guild. Until you have stuff to sell, you're not really going to be able to keep up the requriements to stay in one. You can sell in zone chat easily. If you're on PC download the addon Tamriel Trade Center which doesn't require you to use a trading guild to use )they also have a website database, too). This will give you the market prices for the materials you have on hand, which you can then sell in stacks (ie 100, 200). 


When you hit CP160, your gear and drops aren't worth anything, so it can be hard to make money that way. Deconstruct it for the materials which you can then sell as well. Deconstruct items that are blue quality or above (as long as you have a few skill points in that items crafting department) you will receive blue and purple upgrade materials. These are always in high demand. Purple a lot more so than blue but they still sell.


2. Farming is also a common way. Go to Craglorn, farm every node you find and sometimes you might find a Fortified Nirncrux (sells for 4k each) or Potent Nirncrux (sells for 12k each). They can be pretty hard to find, but it's worth it.


3. Get the materials that you can refine. The refined materials enable you to get Dreugh Wax (sells for 4.5k) from clothing, Rosin (sells for 4k) from woodworking or Tempering Alloy (sells for 8.5k) from Blacksmithing. In order to get that you need to put skill points on extraction passives in clothing, woodworking and blacksmithing. They are also rare, but you could get 1 in a 100 refined pieces (sometimes 2 if you're lucky). If you farm the runes, you might find Kutas, which sells for 4k each.


4. Pay attention to zone chat in Rawl'kha. In a trading guild, you can put higher prices but you'll also be paying taxes to the guild for each sale. It's common or people to sell mats for a cheaper price.


5. Crafting is also profitable. But it does takes time. 


Hope this helped a little. By the way, some people suggest to focus on leveling, money will come as you level. What do you think of this? Let me know your ideas. Have a good day and enjoy the game.