Huge Changes, Improvements and Fixes are Added to ESO Update 1.65

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-03-26 23:44:57
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The ESO developers have confirmed that they will be bringing the game to consoles eventually, but PC players can enjoy all the latest changes to Elder Scrolls Online with this massive patch update 1.6.5, which fixes a lot of bugs, brings about performance improvements and many gameplay changes.


A brand new justice system has been introduced to the game which will finally allow players to indulge in criminal activities. The Champion system has been revamped as well with the useful champion points that allow you to use them for upgrades among other major modifications. The user interface has been revamped, which makes it easier now for players to bring passive abilities to the forefront. It lets them focus more on support, defense rather than being attackers all the time.

While the name suggests justice system in a positive manner, in Elder Scrolls Online it is actually all about breaking the law and going berserk with your actions. If you like to be on the dark side of the world, get ready because the game now allows you to do all types of criminal activities. You can steal from others, pickpocket stuff from NPC and even murder them if you wish to.

The only rule is that you are not supposed to get caught, because if you do, it might be a tough time explaining it to the authorities in Tamriel. Items that you steal can be sold in the fence but whenever you are trying to commit something illegal, know that the guards won’t be idle. They will be doing their best to pull you into custody and it is up to your individual skills that should help you escape the scenario.

Champion Points for Pros
Champion points will be strongly limited to those veteran players who have the highest ranks through continuous participation in Elder Scrolls Online. They can take part in activities to earn these points which will also grant them more experience to climb the ladder. Once you manage to acquire some points, it is purely an individual call as you are free to spend them whichever way you like.

Apart from these, the game gets a new interface for specific actions, bug fixes as well as a rating system. Players living in PEGI countries have to agree to the conditions before they could log in and play. There are some updates to animation, leader board, balanced game play and a refreshed tutorial.