Impressions of ESO For New Players

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-11-13 15:14:21
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Impressions of ESO For New Players

Here are some new impressions of ESO from new players. I love this game's atmosphere and full of energy, and so far compared to many other games every minute I spend in here is worthwhile, some highlights I find in here. Let's take a look at this.

The first thing I want to compliment is this game's graphics, it looks very pretty or should I say it's stunning. I started this game in the Nord areas, but when I wandered in the lush green places, I was totally blown away by how amazing everything around looked. And for the building, the architecture is also so spectacular and magnificent. And for the castles in the game, some of them just look like Europen castles I had a vacation in Europe last year.

The second thing I want to compliment is traveling in this game, in every zone, you can get a mount early on and main teleport hubs without having to physically visit them first. There are still tons in the wild you must visit first but having access to a few off the bat really helps open up the world early on. And I have to say this is a real time saver.

The third thing I want to compliment is this community, there have been a few times I've been helped in game randomly for a few different reasons without asking for help and what's more, sometimes I would ask some dumb questions and then these questions were well answered. I particularly appreciate being able to ask a question and would receive several helpful answers. That's a really good sign and I really love it here. The community is amazing.

Last but not least, the starter packs are worth it. You can have things like food or XP Scrolls with ESO-Gold in the game, by crafting yourself, or even through the login. You can also get these rewards. And what's more, in the starter pack it may have treasure maps. So want to have more Elder Scrolls Online Gold, why do not keep this fabulous starter packs?

Here are four deepest impressions the ESO gave me after playing several days, and I am super impressed. Can't wait to dive in deeper and see what this has to offer. I'll see you guys in this fabulous game. Here they are and I need back to the ESO after a short time. So attractive game and thanks for sharing this joy and happiness to the world!