Introduction to Choose the Best Guide in ElderScrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-02-10 16:04:22
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The Elder Scrolls Online is also known for its various game play, one of which is joining a guild. There are four main guilds in ESO and all of them are joinable. Except joining one of the four guilds, actually there are other guilds you can join in and you can even create a guild of your own, for example, once you become a werewolf, you can create a Werewolves Guild.


Most of us players would like to choose one of the main guilds to join, namely, the Fighters Guild, the Mages Guild, the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild. You can also join two or more guilds at a time. By reading the following introduction, you will get a better idea of the four guilds.

Of the four guilds, Fighters Guild and Mages Guild are legal. Fighters Guild? is a huge organization of professional warriors and adventurers which is very popular and is respected by all citizens of Tamriel. The guild is for warriors to train, study and get a job and can help anyone to solve his problems legally. Problems such as killing some crazy rats, robbed by the bandits and want to return your goods, or need a guardian can all be solved just by visiting Fighters Guild house.

Members of Mages Guild practice magic, study ancient books and scrolls, and explore ancient magical artifacts. The aim of the guild is to provide magic services to people. Anyone can visit a Mages guild store to buy magical portions, ingredients and magical goods. People can also come to the Mages guild and hire Mages to banish rabid spirits and other phantoms. You can also have your armour, weapon and other ESO items enchanted. Though everyone can use the services of the guild, members can receive a discount. But you won't become its member until you prove it by finding several lore books.

Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild are not legal guilds though. They scares people. Dark Brotherhood is an organization of professional assassins and their main activities are doing assassinations and carry out assassination contracts. It is a powerful organization with many clandestine sanctuaries across the Tamriel.

Thieves Guild is an organization of thieves, who are stealthy and shadowy in nature and adventurers who like to explore ancient dungeons in order to find something valuable as well as professional enterprising operators. This guild is a place to train and gather thieves, burglars, smugglers, pickpockets and other people who have chosen a shady criminal life.

Players will get special skill trees by joining these guilds. One that has to be mentioned here is that abilities in the Fighters Guild skill line are effective against Daedra and the Undead, as well as players that have become? vampires or werewolves.

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