It's The Best Time To Play The Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-03-01 13:45:13
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According to a press conference on TESO: Morrowind in London on February 16, there is a Q & A session with some of the developers of the game: Matt Firor, Rich Lambert, and Brian Wheeler.


The press event in London continued after the presentation of the next chapter of the game, Morrowind, as well as a short break. A journalist led this session and began by asking questions of game director Matt Firor, creative director Rich Lambert, and PvP chief designer Brian Wheeler before giving the opportunity to ask a few questions.



He begins by asking developers what The Elder Scrolls Online represents for them. They explain that they have been developing it for ten years and are happy about the long journey they have made. They find that the perception that players have since the release has evolved and are satisfied.


About TESO: Morrowind, is the Chapter made for old or new players?

The two, answer the developers. A lot of lore, books in play, have been added and allow new players to understand the environment in which they are playing. Many references are of course made to TESIII, and former players will have a smile in recognizing them.


If we had to play The Elder Scrolls III, and TESO: Morrowind, which of the two developers would advise to play first?

They would play TESIII first because that's how they discovered Vvardenfell. They played an important role during the development of the Chapter.


We can imagine that this new chapter is not the ultimate breath of TESO, but how is the game?

The game is doing well, confirm the developers. They took the opportunity to reaffirm the number of 8.5 million boxes sold, and put it in contrast with the figure of 7 million given in June at E3. 1.5 million boxes sold in eight months.


Why did you choose Naryu to accompany the player in Vvardenfell?

Because it is one of the developer's favorite characters. She is charismatic, and her belonging to the Morag Tong makes her a perfect connoisseur of the region. And of course, it had to be a Dunmer character.


Concerning the Guardian, we had seen in the early times of the game this class appear in the files. Why did you only introduce it now?

At the time, it was only a name, explain the developers. There were several archetypes envisaged during the development of the game, and the Guardian was one of them. But the class had never been developed and remained as a concept.



On leaving Morrowind, many players will want to create a Guardian. Is Cyrodiil not in danger of being invaded?

Most definitely, the developers confirm. But very soon the balance should be restored. In general, when there is a novelty on a class, for example, a large number of players will try it out. But they quickly return to the class they initially played.


What about ESO Plus that will not give access to Vvardenfell?

Two DLCs will come later in the year and will be available to ESO Plus subscribers. The developers explain that they are still thinking about new features to make with the ESO Plus subscription and that they intend to continue to make improvements.


What will the new Test bring in terms of difficulty?

Pain ! The developers laugh. The normal mode will have a standard difficulty, but the Veteran mode will be really difficult.


Will we learn more about the disappearance of the Dwemers?

There will be of course dwemers ruins, but no, no new information about their disappearance long ago.


Will it be possible to change the class of his character to become a Guardian?

No, you have to create a new character to play Guardian.


Is it necessary to start preparing one way or another for the Battlefields?

No, actually, it is perhaps even simpler for a new player to start the PvP by the Battlefields than by Cyrodiil.


Will we see swamp waders on Vvardenfell, those famous beasts with very long legs that served to move between the cities in TESIII?

Yes, there will. They will serve as a means of traveling quickly, in the manner of the oratories, which will also be present.


In TESIII, there were spells and levitation potions. Will we avoid this Chapter?

In a limited way, yes, the developers say. Very very limited.


Will it be necessary to have the Chapter of Morrowind to access the next chapters of the game?

No, the Chapters will not be interdependent.


Will there be new creatures unknown to TESIII players?

There will be some, yes. Notably the creations of Sotha Sil in its Cite Mecanique.


Will we cross Yagrum, the last of the Dwemers?

No, we will not.


The Q & A session ends here and the facilitator asks the developers if they have one last comment. They say that many things are coming and that this is the best time to play The Elder Scrolls Online!