Knight In The Elder Scrolls

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-06-21 01:12:45
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I am a great fan of Mount and Blade series and maybe the Elder Scrolls games could have more of this knightly feeling. Especially like the knight here. It would be great to have a small warband of horsemen wandering around Tamriel in TES6, instead of a lonely hero with at most a dumb follower.

I play Elder Scrolls Online a lot, but I have reached a wall where I don't know what to do. I have tried to make new characters, but I just find that I level them up to lv50 get them some gear (either gear that I had stored in my bank or get from dungeon/guild stores) and after that I find that since the dungeon timers are too long so that I can't level up my undaunted so that my character isn't finalized. Then I find myself just making a new character. Here I am a knight


The Imperial Legion questline in Morrowind allows you to become a Knight, and there are plenty of Knights in Morrowind, both as a class and as various Legion ranks; Knight Errant, Knight Bachelor, Knight Protector, Knight of the Garland, and Knight of the Imperial Dragon.

Oblivion has the Knight class as well, along with multiple Knight factions:


  • Knights of the White Stallion


  • Knights of Order (Jyggalag's Knights from Shivering Isles)


  • Knights of the Nine (from the DLC of the same name)


  • Knights of the Thorn


  • Skyrim might have some, but can't really think of any right now


  • Online has a ton of different Knights in all kinds of different provinces

I actually think that TES6 will have an emphasis on mounted combat. Assuming the teaser is accurate, it looks like the world is going to be much, much bigger than anything we've seen previously (discounting Daggerfall and Arena.) With this in mind, travel beyond just the local area will pretty much necessitate a horse. Now, if the game is indeed set in High Rock, and horses are indeed more important, it logically follows that knightly orders and mounted combat would play a pretty significant role.

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