Look Back to The Elder Scrolls Online's Main Features

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-11-05 03:21:51
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Massive, Epic Battles
The Elder Scrolls Online features the largest PvP battles seen in a major online RPG. The game supports hundreds of onscreen players in epic battles. Swords and axes collide, spells and powers illuminate the ground and sky, and fires rage on embattled stronghold walls. Will you survive these epic battles? Can your overwhelming force take the keep, or will you be forced to retreat?

Territory Gains
The three alliances do battle in the region of Cyrodiil, seeking to control the Imperial City and with it, the Ruby Throne of Tamriel. Each alliance must wrest control of strategic territories from the others, including massive fortresses, each with supporting farms, lumber mills, and other valuable resources.

Battles are concentrated around these resources and strongholds. Control of certain resources will extend the alliance’s influence in the region and help them take control of the Imperial City, and ultimately, control of the Ruby Throne itself.