Look here before playing Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-04-03 01:31:42
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To MMO fans, this is nothing new.They got used to the idea that they were not the one chosen hero a long time ago. Bosses respawn after being killed, dungeons repopulate themselves with monsters, mysteries unsolve themselves and priceless relics remain in place even after you remove them to fulfill the quest. The world is fresh for every player, at the same time.


But something about it feels not right for this property. I’m a much bigger Elder Scrolls fan than I am an MMO fan, and so many of the things that I love about Elder Scrolls are necessarily absent in Elder Scrolls Online. You can’t just explore at will, because so many areas are full of monsters you won’t be able to fight for weeks. There is little of the endless, obsessive environments that seem to go on forever. The world is less detailed, broader rather than deeper, and overall, just somehow flatter.

As an MMO, I’ve had a great time with Elder Scrolls Online so far. I have yet to get bored. My character, a cheeky elf named Ray Nagin, looks great. There’s less grinding than I’m accustomed too, much more detailed and engaging quests, and an art style that feels appropriate. The combat can actually be fun. If you’re looking for your new MMO, this is a great bet. There are early jitters aplenty, but the game is stable and plays well.

But if you look at this game and think that you like Elder Scrolls and it might be worth trying,right now I just can’t help but feel like I’m still waiting for the next Elder Scrolls game.