Lost Ark Infinite Halls of Chaos Dungeons Tips for Players

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Lost Ark is a large game with many different aspects to explore, but one of the most important is the Infinite Halls of Chaos Dungeons. The Lobby is intended for players who want to fight against other players from all around the world, whether it be duels or teams. This guide will discuss what Lost Ark content is similar to Infinite Halls of Chaos, what points you should know about, whether it's useful, and more.



The Way to Enter Infinite Chaos

Lost Ark Infinite Halls of Chaos Dungeons Tips for Players

First, let's analyze how to enter the halls of everyday and infinite chaos. To enter Normal Chaos Dungeons, you need to have 50 Order Energy, which you consume when entering the Halls of Chaos.
Once the energy is exhausted, you will automatically enter the Temple of Infinite Chaos starting from this patch, which means no order energy is consumed.
In some ways, you can think of Infinite Halls of Chaos as a completely separate, standalone dungeon that has nothing to do with regular dungeons.

Features of Infinite Chaos
Entering the endless hall, no weekend rewards are spent, no experience is gained from killing monsters, and the drops are much less than in ordinary halls. However, this does not mean that the Endless Hall is useless. In a way, they are more important and lucrative to players than usual.
As in regular Chaos, in Infinite, you'll pass through Yozmund locations where you'll climb stairs and kill monsters until 100% is filled so that you won't get the final reward.

Here you'll get Possession Orbs and Blood Crystals instead of the usual drops in the form of Gear, Jewels, and Large Protection Crystals (though they also drop).
One chaos, you can get more than one hundred crystals, dozens of spheres, crystals for protection weapons, cards to upgrade collection cards, jewelry, and experience libraries.
The experience bank gives 1000 experiences, but the infinite chaos kills monsters, which is small compensation. By breaking jewels, you will get possessed orbs.

What do crystals and possessive balls do?
Merchants who exchange crystals and orbs are located next to the lobby of Babunica. If you talk to him, an exchange window will open.
The first thing that catches your attention is the exorbitant price of buying items. To buy something more or less valuable, you need to go to the Hall of Infinite Chaos 3-4 times or even 5-6 times to get the required amount of blood crystals. The same goes for Spheres: buy at least one piece of jewelry 4 to 5 times.
Also, on the opposite side of the price tag. This means that as each product is purchased, the price goes up. If before we went to Chaos 3 times was enough, now we need at least 4-5 times.
Those consumables you buy can be auctioned and sold. So on the first day when it's all still expensive, try to get into Infinite Chaos and farm well.
So you can get quite a lot of gold. Although these commodities (resources) are likely to become cheaper over time, many people are likely to go farming.

Trading interface
In the first tab, we exchange resources, and in the second tab, we can buy jewels to choose from. The stats are random, but at least we picked a slot.
And that's not just for the current jewelry, like the purple in the 1325th GS, but also for the second set, which will be released in March. It will also include yellow jewelry. So, instead of buying Chaos Penetration, we can immediately purchase yellow orbs after accumulating more possessions and farm everything ourselves.

Overall, Infinite Chaos is helpful content. It is useful for upgrading, for example, when a new update is released. You can farm Lost Ark Gold, buy new and missing resources, and purchase jewelry, so you won't be affected by not being able to browse certain content.

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