Many ESO Accounts were banned due to Spamming in Game

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-04-27 01:59:26
Views: 2011

If you play elder scrolls online recently, you can always receive many private mails from some other players who advertise to buy eso gold from them. Some players also advertise publically to sell elder scrolls online gold.

The eso official has received many complaints about this, and they have banned many spammers’ accounts, but it seems the spammers will never stop; they kept creating new accounts to advertise again. They advertise that they are selling cheap eso gold, but please be aware that you may get banned if you buy eso gold from them.

How can those spammers get such a lot of eso gold? After the investigation, we found many of them obtain the gold by eso bots. As we know, using bots to level up or exploit the game currency is forbidden, so if you buy the gold which is obtained by using bots, your account may get banned easily, so you should be careful; do not buy the gold from those bots users.

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