Methods to Earning Alliance Points in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-01-02 15:49:12
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You earn alliance points for killing enemy players, healing friendlies who kill players, taking objectives and keeps, and completing quests. Try to land killing blows, as that is a decent bonus of alliance points.



Quests can be found at one of your alliances two Gates (where the wayshrines are). You should see quest markers leading you to the Battle Mission Boards. These boards will give you daily quests, each type is completable once a day.

Siege Weapons
Proper use of siege weapons can also net massive alliance point gains.Flaming oil dumped on the heads of 50 enemies and a ram at the door will likely net you a fair amount of kills, as well as landing repetitive ballista shots into grouped up enemies.

Don’t let yourself get tunnel vision though, knowing when to heal, repair the wall, dish out the damage, or change tactics is what really counts. Winning will get you the most points, and being versatile and coordinated is what wins.

To really power level those alliance points, you’re going to need a group. This is the NUMBER ONE advice by recent and current emperors.
1.The best advice I can give to anyone who aspires to be emperor is to join a group or a guild. Finding a group of players you enjoy playing with and synergize well with will get you the most kills and the most Alliance Points.

2.Grouping with like-minded players actually produces close to 70% more Alliance Points than following around a zerg

3.On many of the weekend stress tests, Entropy Rising has proven that in the course of three or four hours it is possible to get upwards of 400,000 Alliance Points by having a small group of coordinated individuals who are a cohesive battle unit.