New ESO Live Episode Tell You How To Control Falkreath Hold Dungeon

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-08-19 00:05:38
Views: 2333

Yesterday, a new ESO Live video came out since the first release of DLC Horns of the Reach. This episode is mainly about once of the two new dungeons in new game pack, Hard Mode Veteran Falkreath Hold!



In the August 18 episode, you can not only grab the latest news, but also see how to take on the Dreadhorn Clan in Falkreath Hold. This time's video features an all-star Dev dungeon team that containing Creative Director Rich Lambert, Dungeon Lead Mike Finnigan, Lead Combat Designer Eric Wrobel, and Lead UI Designer Bobby Weir to claim control Falkreath Hold with the best from the Minotaur and their Reachmen allies.


Check the video and see how they did!




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