New Life Festival Of ESO How To Get To Eastmarch

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-12-18 09:09:25
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New Life Festival Of ESO How To Get To Eastmarch


  If you have not unlocked a wayshrine in Eastmarch and still want to participate in the Elder Scroll’s Online's end-of-year New Life Festival, you'd probably experience some frustration. Heading to Breda to start the event could be annoying. And if you know someone who can take you to Eastmarch, then you're good to go. If you do not know anyone in this game, there's another way could help you out with, though it's not obvious. Here are some instructions you can follow.

  You may be tempted to take the overland route through the Rift from Davon's Watch in Stonefalls. It's pretty a long way, but at least, it leads straight to Eastmarch. Unfortunately, the passage from Stonefalls to the Rift leads through Fort Virik which has to be liberated before you can pass through. Part of Stonefalls' main quest is open up the fort and if you want to go that way, then this time-consuming fight cannot be avoided.

Shadowfen Map Alten Corimont


  The steamy swamps of Shadowfen are one of the last places you would consider when thinking about how to get to the snowy realm of Skyrim, but Shadowfen is where your passage to Eastmarch lies. On the Alten Corimont docks there's Boatswain named Muz-Muz who will take you there. She's very easy to miss because she's fishing off the dock with her back to you. Once you aboard she'll ask you whether you want to go to Skyrim or not. Please say yes and then she'll take you to the city of Windhelm in Eastmarch. Breda is in a festival tent near a wayshrine just south of the city.

  You'll be standing in a small boat when you first arrive in Windhelm. Please be careful where you click. If you click the boat, it would take to Hew's Bane, and if you click the dock, you'll get out of the boat.

  Besides doing the event themselves, there are good reasons to get involved in the New Life Festival. For those players who have not gathered enough event tickets to get the Nascent Indrik mount have to do the Festival quests to get the tickets they need (and of course, this time your ESO gold will not work anymore no matter how much you're about to spend.)

  Apart from that, gamers who are new or are leveling an alt may want to at least finish the quest that starts the event because Breda awards you with her Bottomless Meade Mug. This Mug can grant a 2-hour 100% experience boost, and meanwhile, it could be used as many times as you wish until this New Life Festival ends on January 2, 2019. This boost is extremely useful cause it stacks with any other experience boosts that are active. Gamers who want the experience boost are also the ones least like to have unlocked a wayshrine in Eastmarch which makes locating the Festival in a place that's so hard to approach and specifically troublesome.

  Going to Eastmarch can be interesting. You can wear what you want for the move from the sweltering swamps to the frozen northlands. At least the trip to Eastmarch is a one-shot deal. So if you want to, why do not just go now?