Planned changes for siege weapons will come to The next DLC for ESO Thieves Guild

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-12-04 18:43:57
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ESO always has fast-paced content updates. When Orsinium was released barely over a month ago, we will soon get hand to the next DLC, Thieves Guild that is going to drop in the first quarter of 2016. And before it comes, Zenimax has unveiled their plan to make some PvP changes and expected to collect players’ feedback.

The next DLC for ESO, Thieves Guild will come early in 2016
Many players might still feel attached to the Orsinium even when they have completed the Veteran version of the Maelstrom Arena. People might have worried that there is not new content to keep them playing after complete Orisinium. However, only after about a month since it released, we got the news that the next DLC update will hit the first quarter of 2016 and it’s all about the Thieves Guild. We might be asking if it is worth spending 3000 crowns for a month of content, but would it be possible that the contents Zenimax made are so exciting, making players to burn through it faster than they can expect? At least, Maelstrom Arena is never easy as different encounters provided there, which refresh your experience in every match by requiring you to adjust your play style. And now, we can just expect for the new DLC next year!

Planned changes for siege weapons revealed to collect feedback
The Lead PvP Developer, Brian Wheeler just posted a small insight to some changes for siege weapons coming to next updates on the official forums, and asked for feedback on their concepts before they hit the PTS or even the live servers. Before heading to the details, it is appreciated that Zenimax is now being transparent to let the community in on the upcoming changes. Compared to the previous tight-lipped attitude, they now seem to be opening up to allow people voice out their feedback before it’s a real thing. Now see what changes are in plan for Thieves Guild:

1. Damage from siege weapons is being increased by 30% (possibly even higher).
2. Siege weapons that apply a snare debuff will now apply a normalized snare of 50% and last 6 seconds.
3. All side effects from siege weapons (snare, healing taken reduction, siege damage increase taken) are no longer removed via cleanse or any purge related ability.
4. Oil Catapults will now take away about 5000 stamina from those it hits.
5. The Lightning Ballista will now remove 2500 magick from the enemy targets.
6. Ballista now turns faster and their "scatter" variable has been removed to make them 100% accurate to your aimed location.
7. Scattershot now adds 20% damage taken from other siege weapons instead of 10%.

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