Preview Of The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) Harrowstorm's Unhallowed Grave Dungeon

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2020-02-22 10:09:25
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TESO Harrowstorm's Unhallowed Grave Dungeon

  Here comes a piece of quite good news, which is The Elder Scrolls Online team now has previewed the second dungeon for their upcoming Harrowstorm DLC (Downloadable Content), named Unhallowed Grave.


  And here is the Dungeon Lead Mike Finnigan explained Unhallowed Grave thusly.


  He says "Over the centuries since their founding, the honor associated with being a member of the Pyre Watch had lessened as the time goes by, and fewer and fewer people took up this mantle."


  And then he continues, "The Draugrkin, in fact, is a mercenary band, and while they work for coin, (here I think he meant the Elder Scrolls Online Gold), most of them are also Necromancers. And to them, the Unhallowed Grave was a quite perfect target, as an ancient burial ground is perfect for dead-raising, bone-gnawing, Nord lunatics."

  To that end, apart from new challenges and bosses, this amazing Unhallowed Grave also features beasts, necromancers, soldiers. It also introduces a grappling hook, which you might be quite familiar with from Dragonhold DLC.

  According to what Mike Finnigan says, "The grappling hooks let us offer a quite interesting traversal method in the dungeon and kick it up a notch in boss fights... As a result, it's fully integrated within the dungeon in how you travel, battle its bosses, and even find its secrets."

  And four new gear sets are already introduced, in addition to collectibles, furnishings, and more. last but not least, Harrowstorm officially launches on February 24 for platform like PC/MAC, and March 10, 2020 for consoles (Like PS4, and Xbox One).

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