Professional ElderScrolls Online Woodworking Guide

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-09-29 02:34:35
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Woodworkers in The Elder Scrolls Online are able to craft a variety of weapons and armors using wood as resources. In order to begin crafting in this profession players simply need to gather stacks of wood and then bring them to a Woodworking station in any city or town that has one.


Once at the station players will need to refine their wood into sanded pieces. After resources are converted to sanded they can then be used to craft actual weaponry and armor. Woodworkers are also able to use various resins to improve the overall quality of the items they craft.

Weapon and Armor Types
Because Woodworking is all about using wood as a base resource players are only able to create weapons and armors that use this material. Below we’ve listed what weapons and armor pieces you can make via this profession.

Here are the weapon and armor types Woodworkers can craft:

This profession is mostly best suited for players wishing to have a mage character (such as a Sorcerer). The majority of the weapons are staves which include the Inferno Staff, Ice Staff, Lightning Staff, and Restoration Staff.

Woodworking Skills

Just like all other crafting professions in Elder Scrolls Online, Woodworkers get access to a set of special passive skills that assist them in gathering materials and crafting items.

Here are the available skills for this profession:
1).Woodworking Skill – Basic skill that simply allows the use of higher quality materials as you progress through the Woodworking skill line.
2).Keen Eye Wood – Makes logs in the world easier to spot when you come close enough to them. (Range goes from 20 meters to 60 meters as the rank is progressed.)
3).Lumberjack Hireling – A hireling that will send you resources and other crafting items each day (quality and quantity of items increases with rank progression.)
4).Wood Extraction – Improves your chances of extracting wood resources.
5).Carpentry – Reduces the overall research time of items and the number of items you can research simultaneously (both go up a bit as you progress the skill.)
6).Resin Expertise – Improves your chances of improving items using various resins (chances improve more as you progress the skill.)

Woodworking, like pretty much every other craft in ESO, is a slow skill to level up. In order to max it out you’ll need to gather a ton of resources (wood), craft a variety of bows / staves / shields using the maximum number of resources to improve their quality, and always be moving on to higher quality wood types (Oak, Hickory, Yew, etc) as you unlock them.