Professional Guide to Alchemy in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-09-12 02:19:21
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Alchemy is a crafting profession which allows one to create mixtures such as potions and poisons, Like Enchanting, in Elder Scrolls Online, alchemy is unique from the other crafting professions in that it involves discovering the traits of the ingredients used in order to successfully craft an item.


There are a lot of traits; each Alchemy ingredient has four of them. Scroll down to see our definitive list of all alchemy ingredients and the traits of each one.

Leveling Alchemy
Just like all other skills in The Elder Scrolls Online, you have to use it to get better at it.

The ingredients for Alchemy come from plants that you can harvest while you are adventuring, and you also need water to go with them. You'll find water in barrels, glasses, mugs, cabinets, etc., so be sure to search everywhere when you're out questing and in dungeons!

For most professions you would just go and start combining ingredients to see what happens, but you don't want to do that in Alchemy. You see, some ingredients do not work with one another, so it's important that you combine the right ingredients (see the table at the bottom of this page to see what each ingredient does).

•When you're looking at the table below, keep in mind that for an attempt at a potion to be successful you must combine ingredients that share at least one common trait. EG: Blue Entoloma and Bugloss both share Restore Health.

ºIf more than one trait is shared between ingredients, then the potion will contain each shared trait.

•Another thing to be aware of: traits can also counteract one another. In our example of Blue Entoloma and Bugloss, one has Ravage Magicka and one has Restore Magicka, so these traits will be nullified.

So, once you have consulted the table below, find an Alchemy Station in town (there are also some found in special hidden areas in the world), and use it.

After you use the station, you'll be given a screen to place the ingredients in. Combine the appropriate ingredients, based on traits, and you're good to go.

Alchemy Skills and Maxing Out
To max out your alchemy level, you'll need to put skill points into Solvent Proficiency in order to get to the highest level. The only other skill that will really help you level up your alchemy is Keen Eye: Reagents, which will make it easier for you to spot plants as you're questing out in the world.

Speaking of profit, the profitability of Alchemy should be quite high, as potions are always in demand for both PVE and PVP!