Exciting News: The Publisher Bethesda Give The Elder Scrolls Online Players 100,000 Gold As Well As New Daily Rewards

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2020-02-19 10:48:18
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Give The Elder Scrolls Online Players 100,000 Gold And New Daily Rewards

  Several days ago, the publisher Bethesda has announced a series of new Elder Scrolls Online Daily rewards for the month of March, and just as usual, including one notable new boon. And daily rewards were added to the game in its latest update, but the way they work is going to change during March, that is also to say, players will be able to claim a huge 100,000 Elder Scrolls Online Gold.

  The Elder Scrolls Online Daily Rewards For March:

  The publisher Bethesda announced the change in a recent update on the game's official website. Ever since they were added to The Elder Scrolls Online, daily rewards have allowed players to gain new Crown Crates, consumables, and of course, some other items. However, players who log into this game during March will also be able to claim a major boon; 100,000 TESO gold, to be exact. The fact is this boon, usually, is larger than any single amount ever paid in the game of The Elder Scrolls Online. No in-game activity has ever let players gain so much currency in just one go. (With the apparent exception of Guild Trader Sales.) But, there is a catch to acquiring the bounty, players must log in to TESO for 29 days of March 31 days.

  The publisher Bethesda now has several other daily rewards coming in March. On day 22, the daily reward will grant players a brand new costume named the Skald's Damask Jerkin; a costume associated with the royalty of the city of Riften. What's more, there will be two Wild Hunt Crown Crates available on the very first Day 7, and on Day 14, players even can gain three 150% XP Scrolls. All in all, March's daily rewards will have more to give than in any previous month.

  Last but not least: Claiming Your Rewards

  The publisher Bethesda also posted a reminder to players on how to claim their own reward items; "You must log in and then claim the prerequisite amount of days, first of all. When you log into The Elder Scrolls Online, you will notice your available item waiting to be claimed in the announcement panel. You can claim it right over there or when you log out. You also can navigate to the “Daily Rewards” section of the Crown Store to claim your items, and then view future rewards, and see how many days are left before it officially resets. And in order to be eligible for future rewards, you have to claim your currently available daily item. And if you do not claim a daily reward. then the month's rewards will not progress any more. Please keep that in mind."