Quick Ways to Get Vigor in Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-01-13 16:59:12
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Vigor, as an Alliance War Skill, there are ways to get, i.e. repairing walls to get. Here how to get vigor in quick ways is displayed so that you could obtain Alliance points for your fresh new character.


ESO Vigor


1. Bought a ton of keep wall / door repair kits. Anytime taking or defending a keep would repair, usually 25-28AP per-repair kit. Then would travel around the map to other keeps that needed repair. It is estimated it took five seconds to per-repair-kit, roughly 300-350AP per minute. Did this for a few hours, it was a super grind but got me to level 5 (and vigor) quite quickly.


2. Rock a restoration staff and spam regeneration/mutgen heals etc. This is hit or missed as some people largely have the same idea, but is an easy way to pickup AP. 


3. Get in a larger sized group, this one proved to be quite important as you'll get AP from other members in the group (when they get a kill etc). 


4.Do the quests (kill enemy players, scout places, etc). These usually give 750-1000+ AP, some are repeatable and can be accomplished quickly with a group (kill enemy players).


5. Play on a less populated server, it's much more time consuming doing so on a busy server.


6. Defending forsue. If you are a stamina build put a bow on and just stand on top of your castle and spam focus aim with heavy attacks you will kill tons of zergers off their siege and get crazy AP crap hits hard as hell plus has crazy range. Also use meat bags while you snipe them so they can't heal.


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