Return To Vvardenfell With The Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-09-18 18:55:43
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We reviewed the first expansion of the MMORPG inspired by The Elder Scroll Online. Let's check out the details below.



After reviewing it first in PC version and then in PlayStation 4 version, we had lost a bit of view of The Elder Scrolls Online. Meanwhile, the developer ZeniMax Online - we remember that Bethesda is just the publisher - he has used some stratagems to save his MMORPG set in the universe of The Elder Scrolls from the end they have all the same games of the same genre apart from a tronist and an unlikely Japanese competitor. The first was to remove the monthly subscription, more or less concurrently with console launch, which gave the experiment more visibility. Later, The Elder Scrolls Online has been updated and improved on several occasions, gaining a niche of enthusiasts who may not have found the feelings they have experienced in their original adventures, but who have known new friends and experienced unforgettable experiences. In the end, we are talking about a multiplayer title, but there has always been the contradiction of The Elder Scrolls Online, an experience that finds a meeting point between the atmospheres of the originals and the drifting storyline of the MMORPG. Morrowind, the first "expansion", points to nostalgia and single player experience, turning to those fans who have never forgotten Vvardenfell and its inhabitants.


We had a significant detail when we wrote that we had lost sight of The Elder Scrolls Online: we were in fact approaching Morrowind expansion just as they would like the ZeniMax Online guys who developed it thinking of the sheep returning to the jaw and the new players attracted by the brand or the subtitle that recalls The Elder Scrolls III. After installing the expansion and launching the client, in fact, you can start playing Morrowind right away. While many MMORPGs require players to reach a certain level before expanding into expansion territories - this is the case with World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, for example - The Elder Scrolls Online maintains a diametrically opposite approach with the One Tamriel system implemented some time ago. This feature substantially scales the PvE's difficulty around the player's level that faces it, so you can embark on any mission in any area and in any order you prefer, aware that rewards and challenges will always be our height. One Tamriel has incredibly benefited from the adventurous spirit of The Elder Scrolls, which in its online line-up had been buried under the patina of a generic MMORPG theme park.



So, with fast updates and various balances, we started our adventure at Morrowind just by Seyda Neen, the marina where everything started in 2002. Obviously we started a new character by choosing the class added by the expansion, the Warden: this is a hybrid character that does not excel in any role (tank, aggressor or healer) but can still interpret them all thanks to his three distinct and distinct branches of skill. Animal Companion allows you to attack targets with animals that the Warden can evoke, although not all spells have seemed particularly effective, and the final one, Feral Guardian, suffers the old problem of the Elder Scrolls Online family: it is unreliable. Green Balance is the branch dedicated to care spells that use nature as choreography; Finally, Winter's Embrace uses frost as a weapon and protection, making the Warden even more dangerous. We enjoyed playing the class during the campaign: it seemed extremely versatile for the lonely experience and a little less on the few occasions we played together with others, but maybe that's right because it's about l it's just a handy class. In terms of complexity and dynamism, however, we expected something more, but the blame is also the combat system of The Elder Scrolls Online that has changed little and nothing from the past. If you did not like it before, the Warden will not make you change your mind.


The campaign designed by the ZeniMax Online guys has made us up and down a Vvardenfell that, remember, is not exactly the one explored in The Elder Scrolls III: The Expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online is set seven hundred years ago, so the the most aggressive fans of the series will find small but tasty differences. For example, the city of Vivec is under construction, and Vivec will in fact give us a very important assignment: to find out who is slowly drying up his divine powers. It's a mission that does not save sparks and puts under the spotlight one of the strengths of the game, that is, the dialogues - albeit a little too prolific - and the script. The missions are almost always interesting and conducted through excitedly excited characters, but the most important thing is that the main quests, although they take place in different places, often end up intertwining and describing even better the setting and delicate power games in which it is invisible. Those who do not mastically speak English will try to follow the lines of the talk, of course, and no Italian translation is expected. Unfortunately, however, the campaign lasts little, and it is completed in about twenty hours, especially if you spend a little time exploring (which is a mistake because the peculiar setting of The Elder Scrolls Online actually encourages everyone to look at each corner less sighted missions or hidden Skyshards). The problem of this expansion is that within a few hours you realize that "expansion" has little or nothing, unless you are accustomed to the concept of expansion for how many other MMORPGs have been presented to us in the years.



After completing the campaign, you can go exploring the other regions of Tamriel in search of missions, dungeons and other activities, perhaps starting up to an endgame like always raids, mega bosses and other group challenges. Alternatively, Morrowind implements a new PvP fast form that counteracts the most complex of Cyrodiil. In the new Battleground they challenge three four-player teams each; the whole idea is interesting and allows you to play fast games when you have little time to dedicate to the rest, but ZeniMax Online must absolutely take a look at the balance because better equipped players literally make meatballs all the others, very frustrating experience. PvP in the Battleground in a sense expresses once again the problem that has always had The Elder Scrolls Online, namely seeking a compromise between the way we now idealize the franchise and what is actually its online incarnation. A real dilemma that, we suspect, will put in crisis especially those players who seek to turn to Morrowind using this subtitle: crossing the Vvardenfell threshold after so many years, in the new graphic design of The Elder Scrolls Online, might be a magical moment, spell will inevitably break as soon as they find themselves encircled by leaping players, all convinced that they are the only heroes Tamriel needs.


PC System Requirements


Test Configuration


• Processor: Intel Core i7-2600k @ 3.4 GHz

• Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780

• Memory: 8 GB of RAM

• Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit


Minimum requirements


• Processor: Intel Core i3 540 or AMD A6-3620

• Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 460, AMD Radeon 6850 or higher

• Memory: 3 GB of RAM

• Operating System: Windows 7 32-bit


Recommended Requirements


• Processor: Intel Core i5 2300 or AMD FX4350

• Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750, AMD Radeon HD 7850 or higher

• Memory: 8 GB of RAM

• Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit


Morrowind looks more like a big DLC ​​than an expansion since it does not so much increase The Elder Scrolls Online. Battlegrounds are a fun pastime and nothing else as the campaign, though well-told, is really short. The new class is still very interesting, and the pleasure of discovering or rediscovering Vvardenfell in a graphic design more consistent with the MMORPG signed by ZeniMax Online. Those who just can not tolerate the multiplayer brand deriva will struggle to fall into his Tamriel though there is Morrowind in the middle, while for his fans it is definitely a recommended purchase.