Rumor: The Next Elder Scrolls Online Extension Known

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-09-25 06:04:06
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From the outcome of the One Tamriel update, which removed the boundaries to allow players an unlimited experience, the Elder Scrolls Online game revived. This year we have received quite a few major updates as well as the first extension of Morrowind. Recently, developers announced an update or a new DLC that moves us to the mechanical city of Clockwork City. Such updates usually contain tips on new DLCs or new extensions.



So, in the new DLC (Clockwork City) NPC, called "The Grand Prognosticator", we are talking about a prophecy that suggests to the island of Summerset Isles. It is, however, the land of the race of the High Elves (Altmer) and thus also very fairy, woody forms. If these tips lead us in the right direction, it is also such a great opportunity to get a very long and desirable thing, that is to create our own personal lessons.


If such hints and rumors are true, we can expect a new extension somewhere early in 2018 or in the second half of the year. Now, we can only wait for the last major update of Clockwork City, which is already available for the most stunned players on Test Servers (PTS). So we only have to wait for the official confirmation of the development studio ZeniMax Online Studios and publisher Bethesda Softworks.