Second Map Of Battlegrounds: The Red-Hot Foyada Quarry

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-03-24 09:50:59
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Since The Elder Scrolls Online revealed the first map of Morrowind's Battlegrounds: Ald Carac, the second one of the three unique Battlegrounds maps is coming to Morrowind now. The unique map is called the red-hot Foyada Quarry.


Different from the narrow and claustrophobic Ald Carac, Foyada Quarry features wide-open spaces and limited cover. The deserted granite quarry is full of lava and red glow. Be careful not to fall in it! Plus, you can view exactly where the action is right from the start. 



The Foyada Quarry funnels the action right into a hotspot for team fights, the center of the map, via a selection of granite pathways and seared wooden bridges. It's such a fast-paced Battleground that teams are able to quickly close and engage with each other, thrusting you into battle almost immediately upon leaving your base as the majority of the map is so open. In addition, should the battle in the middle get too heated, you can always retreat to your base, which has limited pathways of attack and provides some of the only high ground in the map. Besides, the outside ring provides cover in the form of mining equipment, granite blocks, and forges. 



Making your enemies burn or avoiding the map's red-hot center altogether are good method to defend against danger when battling in Foyada Quarry. If you are a player who features crowd control abilities like Templars or Dragonknight, utilize your strengths in the unique Battleground where full of hazards.


Particularly, you might find that ultimate abilities with an area of effect can shut down enemy players and allow you to control the space in Team Deathmatch while the fighting focuses around the center of the map.


Capture The Flag



Each team's flag is located at the top of their base. The additional cover available around the sides of the map and the high visibility of the map allows you and your team to react to what the other teams are doing once your team controlling the middle of the map. It makes defenders have a distinct advantage since there are only two walkways up to your base and flag. 





The three of the capture points is easier to defend in Domination as they residing underneath each base while the most important fourth point resides right in the middle. 


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