See How Great ESO Looks On The Xbox One X In ESO Live

ESO-GOLD Date: Nov/13/17 13:33:39 Views: 1170

Bethesda is one of the first publishers who have confirmed Xbox One X support in their games, and now, at the time of releasing the new console, they have come to terms with what they really expect.



Currently, Bethesda has 7 games on its account with graphical improvements. Graphic enhancements are now available, although at first it seemed that some updates would come out of time. Like a patch for The Elder Scrolls Online, where Bethesda said the MMO title would receive 4K support "later in the year".


In the newest livestream, ESO Live has Graphics Programmer Alex Tardif joining to discuss how The Elder Scrolls Online was brought to the newly-released Xbox One X console.


A lucky viewer has got an Xbox One X Scorpio Edition during the ESO Live.



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