Select Role Importance in Elder Scrolls

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-06-19 09:27:29
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When we play games, there are many characters in each game. When we want to enter the game, we must choose a character. Now the Elder Scrolls is our favorite game. Here I first introduce the character of the Elder Scrolls. When you enter the game, you will know that you are suitable for your own role. Most MMO games require you to choose a class for your character. This choice is always very important

Elder Scrolls Online also has a class system, but it is not so strict. Classes in ESO determine your basic skills. Does not matter what class you choose, you can use all weapons and armour types anyway.  It is your choice what type of armour to use: heavy, light or medium leather. The same applies to weapons, you can wield any weapon and fight as you wish. Most MMO games require you to choose a class for your character.


Any Class in ESO is great for any role! That’s because there are a lot of other skill lines: Weapon and Armor skills, Werewolf, Vampire and so on. But each Class has its abilities and these abilities also have specialization. The list below demonstrates best classes for different archetypes if we don’t take into account weapon skills, armor skills and so on.

  • Melee Damage Dealer – Dragonknight, Nightblade, Templar
  • Ranged Damage Dealer – Nightblade (with bow) or Sorcerer (with staff)
  • Tank – Dragonknight or Templar
  • Healer – Templar
  • Rogue – Nightblade
  • Summoner – Sorcerer

When you choose your own role, you are free to develop your own "build." Such a system allows you to create a true personal character and assign unique points based on your wishes and gameplay experience. Imagine creating the ability to wield a therapist or invisible Mage's axe. ESO opens up some interesting possibilities. When you balance your weapons, you will get new skills, which will increase their efficiency. These skills will be independent of normal professional skill levels and will change based on the weapon you are currently using.