Short Review Of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-09-26 11:37:38
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The Elder Scrolls Online has been a production that has not been able to give a full MMO feel to the MMORPG world since the day it started, but it does not provide a normal RPG feel. Of course, this ESO does not show that it is a bad game, but it can easily show that it is a construction that can not be decided.



After the first few years in the MMORPG industry, Elder Scrolls Online began to turn into a real MMORPG game rather than a game that finally started to recover and eventually started adapting the formula that such loving players would like to see slowly to Tamriel.


As the years progressed and renewed, ESO transitioned to a level scaling system with One Tamriel update, and the subsequent story showed how rich this universe was with DLCs.


The first really big expansion package for Elder Scrolls Online came out at the end of the Morrowind, and we brought this new world under the surface as a result of long-running game sessions.


To tell you the truth, I did not expect Elder Scrolls Online to actually have a story until I played Morrowind. Of course, this sentence can be very wrong in the ear. I know that ESO has a story, but I can not say that Bethesda and ZeniMax are very good at telling this story. This may work in the general Elder Scrolls or Fallout series. After all, in those universes, the actors write their own stories with their own mastery. However, this formula does not work in an MMO. Eventually the production team will realize that they have brought a really nice storytelling in Morrowind.


I remember most of the NPCs I met at Morrowind very well. Before Morrowind, I hardly remember the NPCs I met in the normal ESO world. The NPCs in this new world are in my head because they have a unique story, purpose and personality. I really liked it so much that the producer team really touched on a little story with this little trick. For the first time in a long time I have read and understood all the dialogues in an MMORPG, and I realized that my real purpose was not to "level up". This is a difficult histone, you know.



The main reason why Morrowind's new duties and storytelling are so nice to humans is that the stories have been simplified. By simplicity, they are from the complex fantasy world we are used to, and from a single level now. Now the daily life of the storytelling and characters in the posts is very familiar, very natural. You are helping a magician to get his helmet portraits closed and not to save the world, but to take his hat-dropping hat. Because he is so afraid of water, he can not swim in the lake. It may sound too simple or too absurd. However, MMORPG'lerde already in the dungeons and raids enough to save the world. People are also looking for simple tasks that will listen to their minds and lose themselves in the slightest moments of other people's lives. Every task you compare, every character and every place tells another tale.


One of the most striking spots in Morrowind's forefront is undoubtedly the visuals of the game. After all, if you look at Morrowind, we played it 15 years ago, and entering this field again, years later, with a sophisticated technology is having a serious impact on people. You are starting a new pakete boat and when you reach the lima, your fur becomes a thorn. This pachy tells us that Morrowind is 700 years old, we see the actual conditions of the regions we saw as ruined 15 years ago and we have a very different experience. With a new technology created from the outset, this land has been created faithfully to the original, and everybody who likes Morrowind will be happy. Nowadays, the biggest problems with the adaptation of old productions to new technology are seen in productions that are not faithful to the original.


A new addition to the game with the Morrowind pack, as well as the new division, is the Warden class. The Warden, who can assume roles of DPS, Tank and Healer, is able to successfully enter big battles alone with the pet month beside him. It can be said that the Warden is a somewhat unbalanced class because it can do everything. That's what we call it, not because it's strong, but because everyone wants to play this class.


One of Morrowind's distressing side is not actually a pack. Even though Elder Scrolls Online has been around for so many years, I still have a very slow and problematic war and animation system (although I do not know you). As I said before, this may work in the main series Elder Scrolls or Fallout games, but in an MMORPG a little bit of innovation, a little more fluidity and comfort would not be bad at all. We want to see some innovations in ESO now.


Although Morrowind has added a new land, a new class and new stories to the ESO, it can not be said to add much to them. Looking at the expansion packages for other MMOs, we can say that the ESO remains in this class and does not offer enough innovation to the players. If you are a strict ESO player, you already have already taken Morrowind and you are at the last level. However, if you have tried ESO before and have not, or have never played, we can not say that Morrowind is a good opportunity to go back to the game or start from scratch.


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