Steps About Character Creation in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-03-15 13:35:52
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Character creation is the first necessary step that you must take before you start your journey in the Elder Scrolls Online. Right class and character will make you full enjoying your traveling. To be a true hero doesn't mean that you just bear your arms against enemies, but you also should look like someone out of legends. Then the following steps may give you some enlightenment:



Step 1: Gender and Voice

The first two choices are your character's gender (male or female) and the sound of their voice. There are eight voice options for the varrying gender and race combinations, so be sure to find the one that sounds right to you.


Step 2: Alliance

While selecting a race, it's also important to consider the faction you wish to align yourself with. There are three currently in the game. Certain races will start out tied to specific factions, unless you have pruchased the Imperial Edition of Elder Scrolls Online, and the option to change won't come for quite some time. If you and a group of friends want to play together from the very beginning of the game, everyone should talk over which faction they want before hand.


1.Ebonheart Pact - Formed under a period of duress, the three races that make up this pact would almost never work together before the alliance was made. Now the Dunmer, Nord and Argonian people all fight to keep their homelands free from the Empire.


2.Aldmeri Dominion - Formed by the Altmer so that they might protect the land with the help of the Bosmer and the Khajiits. The Aldmeri Dominion seeks to rule Tamriel under their banner.


3.Daggerfall Covenant - Formed by the High King Emeric, the Covenant consists of the Bretons, Orcs and Redguard. Their primary goal is to retake the Ruby throne and restore order.



Step 3: Race / Species

As with any Elder Scrolls game, the first step is picking from the many Races available to you. If you are playing the standard version, there will be 9 available. Adventurers who purchased the Imperial Edition will be able to play a 10th race, the Imperial. A brief outline is below, but more detailed info on each race can be found here.




1.Breton - Born to be mages, Bretons get bonuses to their magicka, spell resistance, and light armor skills.


2.Orc - Sturdy, powerful warriors, Orcs excel on the front lines and have bonuses to their health, health regeneration, and heavy armor.


3.Redguard - Great with the sword, Redguards make powerful DPS characters and have traits that boost their prowess with a sword and shield, as well as increased stamina regeneration.




1.Altmer - Also known as the High Elves, they are experts at blowing things sky high, this lavish race of Elves get traits that increase their destructive powers and the rate at which they recover magika.


2.Bosmer - Known commonly as the Wood Elves, they are masters at becoming one with their environment, granting them bonuses to stealth, bow skills as well as stamina.


3.Khajiit - Eyes up and claws out, this feline race are vicious and agile, giving them bonuses to melee combat and stealth.




1.Argonian - The Argonians come from the swampy reigon of the Black Marsh and their racial traits reflect this, giving them bonuses to healing, disease and poison resistance.


2.Dunmer - The Dark Elf people call the ashen area of Morrowind home, and their skills reflect this as they have large bonuses in fire damage and fire resistance, making them ideal vampires.


3.Nord - These rugged warriors hail from the frigid tundra of Skyrim and have traits which increase their two handed skills, health, and frost resistance.




Imperial - The only race that is allowed to choose any of the three alliances are the Imperials of Cyrodil. These people are well trained and specialise with shields, giving bonuses to their health and stamina.



Step 4: Class

After figuring out the race you want, you can now choose a class. For some people, it might work best to think about which class they want prior to choosing a race. You can jump around the creation process at will, so if you're unsure of the race you want, pick the class first then it will help narrow down the best racial choice. A brief outline of each class is below, but for all the details head to their dedicated pages Here.


1.Dragon Knight - Offering a mix of DPS and tanking power, a Dragonknight can be played a few different ways. Whatever your choice, they are most likely to be in the front lines, swinging swords or large weapons.


2.Sorcerer - As you might expect, the Sorcerers are potent spell casters that can buff themselves up with lightning from the skies, sling damaging spells at their enemies, or summon in Daedra help from Oblivion.


3.Nightblade - A powerful DPS class, the Nightblades excel at hurting their foes, disorienting them and then disappearing. They work well in parties, or even alone thanks to their strong sustain skills.


4.Templar - Similar to the Dragon Knight, the Templar is a class that offers a mixture of skills. They can be powerful tanks, offer strong AoE support or heal their allies with restorative magicka.


Step 5: Detailed Customization

Elder Scrolls has never lacked customization, and ESO is no different. In fact, it's even more so than before. Players can sculpt the look of their character through many separate options. The first is body type, which gives you a sliders for the balance of musculature, largeness, and thiness.


The second tab deals with the body itself, ranging from height, skin colour, markings, various body part sizes, and more.


The head gets the same treatment for detail as the body, allowing you to slide your facial structure between Heroic, Soft, and Angular features. Along with it, and in the next tab, comes things like age, adornment (facial hair and small trinkets), hair style, colour, forehead slope, and more.


The very last of the tabs deals with teh face itself, such as with the eyes, nose, and mouth. Along with everything else, the character customiser allows you to create the perfect character.