The beginners Cookie Cutter builds for Generic DPS

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-11-15 05:07:45
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Generic DPS is gonna to be a bit different, I am gonna to list every weapon and you can pick and choose which one you want, although note that you should pick stamina or magicka for DPS, do not go into hybrid, it is simply not viable for beginners even if at all.

5 piece Hunding's Rage (stamina), Laws of Julianos/Kagrenac's Hope/Magnus' Gift (magicka, in descending order of preference)
3/4 (if dual wield) of whatever you desire in terms of stamina or magicka, could go for more damage or more sustain
3 jewelry piece (assuming you can't afford any sets), enchant with weapon power or spell power depending on magicka or stamina
All divines trait if you can, if not, go for infused

Thief for Crit buff

A few points into health (same of Generic Healer Build) and rest into stamina or magicka. DO NOT SPLIT BETWEEN MAGICKA OR STAMINA, HYBRID BUILD DOES NOT WORK FOR BEGINNERS!

Food:Health and Stamina/Health and Magicka, you need to get that health boost.

Skill Bar
1.Crit Buff: Inner light/Flames of Oblivion/Evil Hunter, keep this up all times, both bar too, ignore this if you are a stamina templar and uses Biting Jabs

2.Power Buff: Structured Entropy/Momentum/Surge, keep this up at all times too when you are not too busy surviving. If you are a non-sorc using a non-two-handed stamina build, either off-bar the two-handed to have momentum or use a potion to gain this buff.

3.Spam DPS: Force Pulse/Molten Whip/Biting Jabs/Puncturing Sweep/Concealed Weapon/Surprise Attack/Funnel Health/Snipe/Wrecking Blow/Rapid Strikes: Uses this as your major DPS spam skill, very easy to do, just take your respective stamina or magicka morph. Note that bow is not the best DPS weapon, so if you have any melee opportunity, use your Dual Wield or Two handed or your stamina morph of class skills.

4.Secondary DPS: Burning Ember/Engulfing Flames/Grim Focus/Crystal Fragment/Back Lash/Many other. Basically things that will help you deal additional DPS, most DoTs fill this role. As a Sorc, do not spam Crystal Fragment, it has very low DPS if you hard cast it! This is very important, it hits hard, but its DPS is low

5.Execute: Radiant Oppression/Mages' Wrath/Assassin's Blade/Reverse Slash. All the execute skills, use it when boss is low. If you don't have one, put another secondary DPS skills here.

6.Off Bar AoE: Elemental Ring/Steel Tornado/Arrow Spray. These are the best. If you are stamina based, I suggest getting dual wield as it has the best AoE in the game, the other AoE from Two handed is a DoT and doesn't stack, so I would recommend against dual barring two of the same stamina weapon, level up at least two skill lines. Two Handed has a good execute, bow has ranged options and Dual Wield best AoE.

7.Ultimate: Meteor, Standard of Might, Incapacitating Strike, Radiant Sweep, Overload, anything that does good damage

How to play Generic DPS build
Buff up, hit secondary DPS skill, spam your Spam DPS skills with light or medium weaving (attack a bit and then hit your skill), execute at around 30% or 25%. Dead boss. Also, pick two bars, if you are magicka, you can go dual destro staff, but if you are stamina, try picking two weapons, it will help a lot, and always have a ranged option, it is very important!