The Best Class & Race Combinations in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-06-26 06:22:38
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As all those who play RPGs or MMOs know very well - the first decision you make in the game is often the most crucial. When you download that initial patch for Elder Scrolls Online and start it up on your Xbox One and PS4 console, you'll be met with a choice that'll determine the character you level up as for a long, long time. Naturally, you're going to want to make a good decision.



Obviously, there is no perfect way to start playing Elder Scrolls Online, it's entirely up to you in terms of what you want to achieve out there in the wilds. But I thought I'd give you some insight into the races and classes you'll uncover within ESO. Hopefully, this will be a useful guide to making your first crucial step in this massive MMO on its release date for the Xbox One and PS4!

The Best Class & Race Combinations in ESO
Breton - Templar for swordplay and spellcraft, Sorcerer for spellcraft, magicka, conjuration magic and spell resistance for defensive purposes. They're fairly well rounded characters so they can do well in any of the classes, even as a Dragonknight they're not bad what with their sword buff.

Orc - Due to the fact that these guys are basically tanks, the Templar class is well suited. Though you can tank up pretty well with the Dragonknight class too - although the Templar class is more versatile!

Redguard - The stamina regeneration that you get as a Redguard and the increased power come in handy as a Templar, but work well as a Dragon Knight or Nightblade. Nice to have a choice with these guys.

High Elf - These guys are basically made for the sorcerer class. They have huge boosts for magic - though if you don't want to get them locked into a specific skill set you can always try out the Dragonknight class as they use fire-based attacks.

Wood Elf - These guys are one of the best candidates for the Nightblade class as they excel in archery and stealth. That being said though, their stamina works well with almost any DPS class, including Templar and Dragon Knight.

Khajiit - They have a similar skill set to the Wood Elf, in that they are the ideal race for the Nightblade or Templar classes. The Nightblade deals heavily in stealth combat, while the Templar can be played using primarily melee attacks.

Argonian - These guys have bonuses to healing, restoration and potions, which obviously makes them the ideal healing class, corresponding primarily with the extremely versatile Templar class. However, these abilities also go well with solo adventuring, which works best on the Nightblade class.

Dark Elf - A Dark Elf paired with the Dragonknight class is a great mix due to the dark Elf's proficiency with fire magic and the ability to dual wield. I can't really give any other recommendation then this class - it suits this race very well.

Nord - All humans are very well rounded in The Elder Scrolls Online. For instance the health regeneration alone makes these guys a good tanking class, which is generally going to be a Templar. However, if you plan to solo as a Nightblade, the health regeneration would come in handy there as well. As an alternative, their two-handed skills work well when paired with the Dragon Knight class. Bit of an all rounder I suppose.

So there you have it! Hopefully that can help you on your adventures in The Elder Scrolls Online in terms of making the right choice from the beginning on its release date for the XBOX One and PS4. The rest, as they say, is up to you!