The Champion System is Added to ESO Patch 1.6

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-01-08 00:15:55
Views: 1040

The Champion system is the new game design added in The Elder Scrolls Online. As a horizontal progression system, it brings new and wonderful adventure to ESO players. As long as you have a character to reach level 50, you can access to the Champion System.


In the Champion System, you can make Champion Points. There are 1200 points totally. Champion Points which One of your character obtains can be used by the others in the game world. How to earn Champion Points? You can obtain the points by accepting and completing quests, slaying monsters, defeating players from Ebonheart Pact or Aldmeri Dominion and so on.

It is believed that there are more interesting content in the Champion System of TESO Patch 1.6. Before the new system, Deltia's Gaming lists some top tips things you can do:
1) Addons and Performance.
2) Gears and Supplies.
3) Skills.
4) Ranks.
5) Public Test Server.

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