The Clockwork City Arrives In The Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-10-02 20:40:31
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Always conducive to new content, The Elder Scrolls Online will host a game news this fall. It will be free for ESO Plus subscribers and will be available for others in the Crown Store for a price yet unknown. Bethesda communicated on what the Clockwork City will bring to the game.

The fans of the series will have understood immediately, it will be to go to discover the hidden den of Sotha Sil. This Clockwork God appeared in Morrow and is at the origin of the transformation of the Chimers into Dunmers. This is a real legend that the developers are tackling this time. If the character is mysterious since Morrowind (we hardly know anything about him), the area he built is just as much.


We know that the Clockwork City has a strict social organization: two groups of characters are present. The Apostles are those who have a direct utility in the functioning of the city, the Tarnished are reclusive on the outside because they are not essential to the plan of the God. The main creator of the game zone, Leamon Tuttle, expresses himself in his terms on this new content:


“The Clockwork City is the most mysterious zone we've ever done,” Tuttle explains. “This is partly because there wasn't a tremendous amount of pre-existing lore to begin with, but it's also by virtue of the fact that it's Sotha Sil's realm, and no one truly knows the intentions of his strange experiments, or what their results will be.”


Full of characters, quests and mysteries, Clockwork City promises to be above all essential for long-time fans and should be of interest to players in search of new adventures. To see according to the price!