The Duties Of The Staff In The Elder Scrolls

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-06-04 08:41:08
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The Elder Scrolls is a game that we all are very familiar with. It is also a large series of games. This kind of game development is a long one. Such development requires a lot of staff. Such staff requirements are very strict. Each employee has his own job content. This kind of job content is that every work employee is a job that he is familiar with. A big game. They need to work for a long time. They are also very professional.


ESO monetization team members understand and value all areas of game monetization including core game engagement.  We strive to bring premium products and services to our players that further enhance their in-game experience.  Not only do we shepherd our features through development, we also work closely with the Live Services Team, Community Team, Customer Service and Marketing to ensure a successful launch of our products.




Develop and manage the economy/monetization components of our games


Develop and manage a calendar of offerings, updates, and events


Work with other teams to ensure the success of offerings, updates, and events


Work closely with design team to develop a framework for a successful live game


Manage the pricing of virtual goods and balance free vs. paid currency in the game economy


Design game features that monetize and re-engage players


Review reporting on in-game currency usage, earning and purchasing


Drive new initiatives for monetizing the customer base


Work with a team of analysts to propose new features and define, collect and analyze metrics 


See the the work content of the staff above, although I don't Really understand it, I think it is very difficult for me. If such work is handed to me, I feel I can not. There are now five major series in the Elder Scrolls. Each series brings us a lot of fun. Now I think I should thank these staff. They are great. Their payoff brought us a great game scene. Let me speak with them here thanks.

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