The Elder Scroll Online Novice Teaching

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-05-28 14:46:24
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The Elder Scrolls series is a high-degree of freedom role-playing game, an open world for you to explore, there is a huge world view and a rich story and a series of tasks you need to know to complete, this makes the sky from the screen or the plot There are various systems that do a good job, and it is a rare RPG masterpiece. Relatively speaking, it is not an exaggeration to evaluate God. Of course, this requires you to play with it seriously.

1, First Understand The Game


After entering the game, if you are in touch with the Elder Scrolls series for the first time, don't rush to play. Look at the game help first. This is helpful for you to play this role or to understand the game later.


Press the ESC key to enter the settings interface, you can look at the next help, there are many terms to explain.


If you don't see the content of the dialogue, remember to select the subtitles below. There are a variety of key settings, the game default key or more humane, but can be modified according to their own habits, such as I changed the running = SHIFT stealth = X auto-walk = V map = M inventory bar = I left and right hands = M1/M2, like F key R key C key E key is best not to change, because the game has a BUG, after changing these keys, when setting preferences can not be used for corresponding prompts, it should be fixed later.

2, Game Character Training

Let's take a look at the setting of Skyrim. This game doesn't have very rigid rules or determine what kind of career you are. The character type is based on your preferences. There are various skills, what kind of skills do you want to be? In which direction the character will be developed, and the game is not the same as the traditional RPG to gain experience by killing monsters, is to enhance the role of skill and skill level to enhance the role of experience and level, each upgrade a skill, the corresponding role level experience It will increase, and the character level will rise one level after experience. After the upgrade, you will be able to assign 10 points of attribute bonus and 1 skill point. Press O key to open the attribute and skill talent interface. The skill point is very important. Never miss it. The improvement of skills is based on different skills, training methods are also different, in fact, practice makes perfect, which is very consistent with the reality. In addition, you can also learn skills from certain NPCs. Of course, this is not free.


Here are tips, such as light armor/heavy armor skills. As long as you wear the appropriate equipment, and then just find a hostile target to hit you, these skills can be improved. The shield is also the same, you can successfully withstand the holding shield L, if they are combined with recovery spells, these skills are promoted very quickly, and other skills are also basically increased

based on the number of successful use, such as various attack magic and weapon attack skills, if you hit the enemy, so The corresponding magic or weapon skills will continue to increase.

3, A Few Instructions And Tips For Part Of The Game

4, Tasks, Maps, Navigation, Peers


When you talk to different NPCs, they often provide you with information or tasks. After receiving the task, you can press J to open the task table, then select the task, and then press the world map button according to the following tips to display the target in the world map. On the location, as well as open the area map can press the L key, you can also see the location of the navigation bar above the game to know the approximate location of the target.

Under normal circumstances, you can find the task point by looking at the map. If you can't find a way for some task point, then you can go and buy a magic book called Insight (Claurus Eye) to learn. Follow it when you use it. Very considerate. When using Insight, remember to activate only the current task, otherwise it will be wrong. The first time I played the main mission was to go to the top of the mountain to learn Dragon's language, and for an hour I was unable to find the way (Khan).

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