The Elder Scrolls Online: 5 Key Details

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-07-04 05:46:13
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Several important Elder Scrolls Online details have emerged for PC, Xbox One and PS4 users including a timed release that offers a special mount for players to use.


In early June, after several delays, ZeniMax finally released Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 and Xbox One. The MMO thrusts console gamers into the massive world of Tamriel and allows them to undertake quests and battle other players from other factions in huge player-on-player skirmishes.

Because Elder Scrolls Online is an MMO and not a typical console game, it will continue to receive new content for years after its release. At E3 2015, ZeniMax and Bethesda confirmed plans to release two new DLC zones later this year including Imperial City and Orsinium. It showed off both realms in action during its E3 showcase though it did not provide specific release dates for the new zones.

While players wait for the new zones, ZeniMax has announced several new pieces of DLC including a limited edition mount that will surely interest those who want to ride around Tamriel on something other than an Imperial Horse.

The new mount isn’t the only detail that’s emerged in the past few days and today we take a look at some of the more recent Elder Scrolls Online details that have emerged for PC, Xbox One and PS4 players.

Elder Scrolls Online Frost Mare
One of the most important Elder Scrolls Online details to emerge in the past few days is a limited edition Frost Mare mount that ZeniMax is offering on the Crown Store.

The Frost Mare is a unique looking horse that “seems carved from the very glaciers of Skyrim” though its “exact origin is unknown.” Whatever the case, the mount is noticeably different than the other Elder Scrolls Online horses making it a tempting proposition for Elder Scrolls Online players and those with a ton of crowns.

This new Frost Mare mount is now available on the Crown Store for a whopping 3000 Crowns. This translates to $30 in USD. That’s a lot for a lot of people but if you’re heavily invested in the game, it might be worth picking up.

The Frost Mare is not going to be available forever. This is a limited edition mount and it will only be available from July 2nd through July 7th at 10AM EDT/4PM CEST. So, if you’re at all interested in this horse, you’re going to need to make a decision very quickly.

New Pet Cat
That’s not all ZeniMax is releasing in July. The company will be releasing a brand new Pet called the Abecean Ratter. ZeniMax hasn’t said when the cat will arrive though it does say that it will be coming in late July.

New Costumes
July will also see the release of new costumes. All of them will, like the new Abecean Ratter, become available to Elder Scrolls Online players in late July. A specific release date for the new costumes remains unknown.

One costume is a brand new evening dress that is advertised as an alternative to questing gear. The other is an Ashlander Pack that comes with several different costumes.

These costumes are particularly interesting because they “replicate the garb of the nomadic Ashlander tribes of Morrowind, including the travel and hunting clothes of the Mabrigash tribe, and the armor of the Kagesh.”

It’s not clear how much these will cost when they arrive.

Elder Scrolls Online Problems Continue
ZeniMax recently rolled out patches to the Xbox One, PS4 and the PC. The Xbox One and PS4 patches were the first since the game’s release back in June and both wiped out some of the more annoying bugs in the game including a cut down on the frequency of invisible NPCs. That said, there are still a number of Elder Scrolls Online problems plaguing gamers in the weeks after the game’s release.

The developer’s forums are full of complaints that include problems with the brand new versions of the game. New Elder Scrolls Online problems range from problems with the mail to issues with the Imperial Edition of the game to problems with Apple’s OS X El Capitan beta. This is just the tip of the iceberg and every day we see new problems emerge.

As we’ve noted, this is not surprising. This is a complex game with a ton of moving parts and it’s going to be awhile before ZeniMax is able to patch things up. Those of you that have run into problems after the latest ESO patches will want to report your issues or take out a ticket.

We’ve been playing the game since its release in early June and while we’re still noticing problems, lag being one of the biggest problems, the game has stabilized on the Xbox One.

Fixes for Elder Scrolls Online Problems Coming
ZeniMax is listening to your complaints and it has a long list of things that it’s working on for future Elder Scrolls Online updates for PS4 and Xbox One. It has also been providing workarounds for some of these problems while it tests fixes behind the scenes.

If you’ve run into problems or you simply want to keep tabs on what the company is working on, check out this extensive list of problems with the console versions of the game. Some of them come with fixes that might work for you. We’ve seen several updates to the page in recent days so it’s best to bookmark it and check back daily.

Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint, and ZeniMax will continue to roll out patches for all three versions of the game. And with new DLC planned for 2015 and even more planned for the future, it’s clear that this game won’t be slowing down anytime soon.