The Elder Scrolls Online - Brief Review

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-10-20 23:21:32
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Despite the predominance of free-to-play MMOs on the market, Bethesda threw himself into the mix by attempting to present with her The Elder Scrolls Online a viable alternative, aiming to offer a complementary and different experience.



The MMO sector has changed a lot since the time of the first WoW boom, and it is no longer a good idea to try to retrace its way. An example is the not-so-lucky Warhammer Online and the latest Star Wars: The Old Republic. The first has closed the doors for a few months, the second survived only as free-to-play. No one has succeeded in the years to justify the thorny issue of buying an exotic monthly subscription.


To succeed in the company, The Elder Scrolls Online points to a well-balanced and exciting game formula, trying not to leave anything from the plot.


Set in motion centuries before the events skimmed in Skyrim, Morrowind and Oblivion, the story tells the story of an unknown prisoner of Molag Bal, Prince Daedrico, intent on joining his demonic realm with Tamriel to create a world of suffering. Our purpose will not only be to save the world from this sympathetic, but to blow up the mug of an intricate story, accompanied by the Prophet.


This enigmatic sorcerer has lost sight of his youth for daring to give a peek at the ancient parchments of the title, but gaining great powers and enormous wisdom, and will now have to blame his faults by driving us through an intricate narrative that will only seldom stop our adventures.



The plot is in fact emphasized with elegance and presented to the player very slowly. The first mission of the main quest will be proposed at the beginning of the game, the second after completing a couple of levels, the third even after reaching level 10. This is best done to let us gradually gain confidence with a huge gaming world , consisting of at least a dozen locations, including Oblivion and Cyrodiil (PVP arena). All environments we can unlock by doing secondary tasks and, once they are achieved, they will be fully explorable.


It is during these explorations that we realize how much The Elder Scrolls Online is different from the titles that preceded it. Although the gaming interface has been designed to remind Skyrim, the two titles are deeply different. For example, there is almost no system of reputation for the character, which in The Elder Scrolls Online can not commit crimes or steal, except in the framework of certain missions.


There is a great deal of objects of all kinds that can be found in caves and caves, as well as the alternation of day and night or the choices made during the game.


All the limitations that, while tossing the nose to the fans of the series, are more than understandable and counterbalanced by interesting improvements that have made the transition to online painless. Those who can push their gaze beyond these smallness will notice that The Elder Scrolls Online is a very complex game that has different levels of reading, or rather, different approaches to gameplay.



But the purpose is not just to please everyone, how to add depth. We may choose to play The Elder Scrolls Online as a new chapter in the offline series, also coping with the great amount of quests, following the narrative lines of different guilds and completing the main quest. Or we can devote ourselves to exploring huge dungeons and PVPs, though the best way to enjoy this experience as a whole is to experience a bit of everything.


In fact, it would be a shame to leave aside the many intricate dungeons that populate the Stonefalls region, because they are all focused on all the equipment, objects and treasures that you can no longer find simply by shattering the bodies of the fallen enemies.


These labyrinths, along with the PVP, are the heart of online experience. It's that part borrowed from MMO canoes, which, surprisingly, is quite well integrated with the style of the saga. These sections are the most complex and demanding of the game, and necessarily require the participation of a heterogeneous group to complete the not easy task of exploring the dungeons where, among other things, they also dwell the biggest and ruthless enemies of the game game. For this reason it is not advisable to venture alone or before reaching a certain level, which varies according to the difficulty of the dungeon itself.


If we can undoubtedly say that these are some of the most successful sections of the title, the same can not be said of PVP. The Player Vs. Player mode, which in The Elder Scrolls Online, integrated into the game world rather than in a fully-fledged mode, is perfect on paper but not just in practice. Not yet at least.



Too much like that of the distant Dark Age of Camelot, with which the game shares many of the developers, this mode allows us to access a huge map of Cyrodiil, where three factions contend for resources and strategic positions. The player will have the task of joining one of these teams, forming groups with other adventurers, and carrying out various tasks.


Mostly, it will involve disturbance and guerilla action against other players, managing sieges for great fortifications, tasks to defend strategic goals, or campaign to conquer the various "Elder Scrolls" hidden in the fortresses.


Also, just like in the Dark Age of Camelot, PVP is seen as a sequel to the plot, to be addressed once all PVE quest has been completed. A little share that makes it too cramped for those who, like us, would like to try out right away everything that the title has to offer. It is very necessary for you to make money in game to prepare for The Elder Scrolls Online. However, you can buy ESO gold cheap on ESO-GOLD if you don't have enough time to make money.