The Elder Scrolls Online Guides for New Adventurers

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-04-26 18:48:13
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Every new ESO player could not know exactly about his trip in Elder Scrolls Online, every choice he made at the beginning will influence a lot in the next adventurers. So today I will share two important guides for new players, you can learn some experience from this article.
You Need Deliberately Choose the Type Of Hero You Want To Be


The race and class you select at the beginning of the game may be more flexible than in most multiplayer online games, but you won't be able to change them entirely, so it's important to ensure that both conform to your preferred play style.
Look carefully at racial traits of each faction as these are key to tailoring your adventurer, and think about which race-class combination will meet your needs.
For instance, those who favour the archetypal tank role might want to consider the Orc race due to their health and heavy armour bonuses, while the Dunmer make effective Dragon Knights thanks to their penchant for dual wielding and fire.
Please Fly Solo When You Could Join A Guide


Exploring The Elder Scrolls Online's expansive world can be liberating, but there are times when you'll need a little help from your friends.
Challenging quests and more fearsome monsters are where the experience points really lie, and teaming up is your best bet for tackling either one.
Joining forces with a friend is always a good idea, and for those whose mates are yet to discover the joys of Tamriel, siding with a guild is the most viable option.
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