The Elder Scrolls Online Highlighted Contents 2015

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-12-27 02:26:32
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2015 is near to the end. It has been another year for Elder Scrolls Online to stretch more contents. What do you think about this year’s updates? Are they good as you expected? Let’s take a review of Elder Scrolls Online 2015 on some successful contents and buy cheap eso gold to prepare for every new addition of 2016!

Justice System & Champion System
With Update 6 in March, ESO has brought 2 important changes to players: Justice System and the Champion System. The Justice System introduced Criminal behavior to Tamriel for the first time. Previously, players were allowed to steal every item in the game but the NPCs whom you steal from even didn’t make any reaction. However, with the Justice System, all criminal actions lead to punishment if you are caught. Thus, the gameplay has been more interesting and challenging. Of course, you need to think twice before doing it.
As for the Champion System, it was also a great addition that helps enhance your character development. In this system, players can earn Champion Points starting at Veteran Rank 1, and the way is similar to how you earn Experience. What make it different is that the champion point can grant your character different passive skills and abilities based on different versions of points you earned, which help your character go further in a certain category.

Crown store launched with Tamriel
Apart from two systems above, there was another important update for ESO in 2015 March. Along with the release of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, the Crown Store was hitting the shelves to allow players purchasing a variety of cosmetic and convenience items in-game. What’s more, along with this update, players can enjoy ESO without paying for monthly subscription! That helps players to save much money and only pay for Crowns and ESO Gold.

ESO contents hit on consoles in June
If the above are benefits for PC players, this one is good news for all console players. Starting in June, the game can be played on Xbox One and PlayStation?4! It is a historic turning point for the game, and all contents followed can be enjoyed on consoles since that!

Two DLCs: Imperial City and Orsinium
After the release of Consoles, two big DLCs have come successively: the first DLC, Imperial City hit in September. Along with it, we have got touch with Tel Var Stones, a new currency that doesn’t take up any space in your inventory. It can be found exclusively in the Imperial City by killing daedra, bosses and even players, and used to enchant items.

The second DLC, also the biggest one, Orsinium has been available in November. Along with this updates, players not only got new public dungeons and other additions, but there was also a single player arena that called Maelstrom Arena. This solo version of DSA is a four player based arena combat that contains normal and veteran modes. The different themes and variations in the arena require players to always alter abilities to adapt to each arena and sustain. It not only tests players’ skill to determine who the best player is, but also suitable for players that love solo content and want to play with a challenge while having fun.

How do you like these updates in 2015? There is no doubt that ESO has a great leap. And we will get more contents when the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood come in the first half of 2016! Lets’ hope that there will be larger improvements and welcome to buy cheapest eso gold on to be ready!