The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind - Become Part Of It

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-08-28 05:55:00
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The Elder Scrolls Online did not start as everyone hoped. Problems with the server, not too much content and the seemingly complicated system slightly rejected the player. Still, Bethesda is constantly working on improving this MMORPG title since he left the game, so he has become one of the most brilliant titles in the genre over the last two years.



For the fifteenth anniversary of the TES Morrowind Games, Bethesda prepared us something special by dropping the entire Vvardenfell region into this wonderful online world.


Already when we stepped out of the boat in Seyda Neen, we were hit by nostalgia and reminded us how much we spent hours playing Morrowind back in 2002.


The gutters in the stomach reminded us that it was wonderful to play one of the best RPG titles to this day and rejuvenate for fifteen years.


The Excel for The Elder Scrolls Online has just targeted the nostalgia, creating a unique world that is copied to the original from the original game. These small details that only the faithful fans of this franchise will notice is precisely what makes this expansion look great.



On the other hand, if you were looking for a fault, it is certainly a matter to know where every little thing is on the map, every cave, house, city, and even huge mushrooms in certain parts of the map.


This is by no means bad, but the rejuvenation of us and this title is definitely something for which the veterans of the franchise practically cried all these years hoping to remaster. We need to be fenced, this is not a TES Morrowind gamer game, but a true recreation in the TESO world, which has become even more complete with this expansion.


TESO Morrowind, however, takes place some 700 years before the original game, which means that not every little thing is absolutely the same as in the original, and it even offers veterans time to explore and see how things looked, how certain settlements Built in the Vvardenfell region.


The Red Mountain volcano is for example inactive in this period, and that part of the map is passable and it is possible to explore parts that were destroyed in the original game. Vivec, one of the most beautiful cities is still in construction, so you can meet people who are diligently working to walk and make this fantastic knowledge by walking.


Although this is part of the TES Online World, the PvE part of the game requires some 25 hours to complete, in addition to the naturally new Raid that is not included in this timetable.


This is a raw gameplay, but the original Morrowind adorned this game with a wonderful fiction, stories and narration that was in the game, and something similar will be found in this expansion. It does not matter that you just sit down and clean everything that can be cleaned on the map and from the quest, but dive into this wonderful world of Morrowind and then become part of it.